YouTube and Twitch – The Two Possible Gaming Career Paths you can undertake

Playing video games for a living has long been considered a fantasy for millions of gamers around the world. If someone suggested that they wanted to be a full-time gamer, they would be laughed at and mocked, and they often got told that it was time to mature up. However, in today’s world, playing video games on a professional level, wherever that be in a E-Sports team or you LIVE stream to an audience on Twitch or you make gaming videos on YouTube, all of these are a lucrative way to make money and gaming is becoming incredibly popular and the amount of revenue that is pumped into the gaming industry is mind-blowing. 

What Paths can you take with Gaming?


YouTube has been the main video sharing site for more than a decade, perhaps one of the most significant websites in present society. Many gamers have always had the dream of becoming a ‘YouTuber’ therefore, millions of gamers would upload their best gaming moments onto YouTube, depending on the luck with the algorithm, you could get thousands to millions of views and therefore generate an audience for yourself, that’s if you upload high quality and entertaining videos frequently.

If you take YouTube seriously and start attracting numbers and having a daily audience, you could make serious money from this platform.


Twitch can be seen as a YouTube child and was created as an alternative to the rampant success of the Internet site. Those who wish to offer a content to an audience can play a game in front of a live audience. However, Twitch is very different compared to YouTube, first of which, Twitch is purely a LIVE streaming website, however, with Twitch, the streamer can communicate LIVE with their audience and create conversation, viewers can donate and talk throughout the entire stream.

Twitch is very popular with gamers, but it also reaches and inspires different industries because they’re realising that it is engaging and entertaining. For instance, the gambling industry has incorporated LIVE streaming with their games, when looking here you will be able to see virtual casinos that have the option to play LIVE casino games, therefore registered members can play LIVE blackjack, roulette, poker etc all from the comfort of their own home and still participate and have a chance to win money.

A career in gaming is now a very real possibility, but it entails skill, time, and hard effort. The fact that these professions are even possible is a compliment to the industry’s success and a hint that gaming shows no signs of slowing down.

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