Work Scheduler Guide

Everyone uses some type of work schedule. Some individuals use a digital solution while others prefer using paper. Although the traditional method of planning with a pen and spreadsheet might be sufficient for individuals, for teams this type of system is not very effective.

This is why you need to use Tracktime24’s schedule maker.

Why Should Employee Scheduling Software Be Used?

With the use of flexible work schedules continuing to increase, it is becoming more difficult to get employee shifts scheduled. Your employee schedule needs to be properly coordinated so that your rosters are efficient and smooth. In these situations, the classic paper and pen method is not very efficient.

All team members have to write their schedules down, then pass them along to all of the other members of the team. if this is done virtually, messy, endless email threads are created. Either way, this is a time-consuming and long process. It is very easy to make mistakes, get confused, and get lost in all of the dependency complexities.

That is where employee scheduling software can be very helpful. It acts as a unified system that organizes agendas, manages shifts, and lets you monitor your resources in real-time. Therefore, if dealing with labor costs and shift management takes up a lot of your time, this type of tool should be used to eliminate tedious paperwork, streamline workflow, and ultimately save you money and time.

The only drawback is that you need to learn how the software works. However, think about how much better it is to spend one hour to learn how a software program works instead of having to spend 1 hour each month or week manually adjusting your schedule.

Quality employee scheduling software will allow you to manage attendance and clicks with one click of a button.

Things To Look For In Schedule Software

So how can you ensure that you have the right tool to use? There are certain characteristics that you will want to consider when selecting scheduling software:

Ease of use —no one wants to use a complicated solution.

A unified system that has all of its features interconnected with one another for smooth employee supervision and shifts

integrates with other apps or software

Free version that allows you to test the features and cancel  if it does not suit your business

Time tracking for monitoring employee work hours

Ability to download the software to your computer so that shifts can be managed locally and flexibly on your computer

Keep in mind that you know best which features your business needs in order to run it smoothly. Software that works well for large organizations might not be well-suited for small teams. You can try out various solutions, combine, and experiment until you find the best fit.

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