How to Get a Fabulous Wire Stripping Machine on a Tight Budget?

How to Get a Fabulous Wire Stripping Machine on a Tight Budget?

The value of copper wires is not unknown to those who are in the construction business. After demolition or renovation, you will end up with piles of scrap wires. In case you are the owner of the house, you can keep the scrapped wires and actually earn a decent amount by selling them. Using wire stripping machines, you can remove the insulation and get paid for the copper at the scrap yard.

What may seem slightly intimidating is actually a manageable task if you possess the right tools. Here is a look at the less expensive wire stripping machines available in the market. You have to choose the one that suits your needs.

1. StripMeister Automatic Wire Stripping Machine

This stripping machine is ideal if you have a drilling machine with you already. Your handy drill will make the job easy for you without having to invest in a costly motorized stripping machine! The machine from StripMeister will help you strip wires worth a hundred dollars easily and its cost is $179.

To use this machine, you have to feed on the cables and use your drill to get going. The aluminum frame of the machine makes it sturdy enough. The blade will wear out but can be replaced. Also, the wearing out of the blade will only make the machine a little slow.

This drill is perfect for single conductor cables. If there is a single line of copper or multiple ones, this machine can be used. In case there are smaller cables bundled inside the cable, this machine will not serve the purpose! Apart from the type of cable, your usage also is a deciding factor.

StripMeister’s stripping machine is great for those who don’t strip wires too often but have a large batch in one go. It lets you work with huge lengths of cables but if you use it regularly, it can adversely affect the functioning of your drill.

2) Manual Copper Wire Stripping Machine

Now, another cable stripping machine available at a rock bottom price is the manual machine from the house of CopperMine. The two main reasons why people choose manual stripping machines are durability and cost.

As a manual machine has no moving parts, the machine will function as long as you want it to and at the same time it is undoubtedly durable. The second reason, as already mentioned, is the cost. You can purchase this machine at $59.99. For someone who strips just a little batch of wires once in a while, this seems to be a perfect choice.

While there are many online sites for that purpose, we recommend you to purchase from https://www.terminal-crimping.com/. They have plenty of options for such machines.

Setting up this stripper is not a tedious job. Once you set things up the right way, you are good to go. Using the adjustment rings at the side, you can alter the cutting wheels’ depth. The cable is fed into it and the hooks on either side make sure that the cable is kept straight.

If at all there are a wee bit of tangles, they can be straightened out by the application of force. The only thing you have to do after this is to pull. A lot of force is not recovered to strip the cable but there is a need of a certain manual effort from your end.

This manual machine is quite durable as it does not have any moving parts. In case, you are dealing with scrap on a daily basis, you can simply carry it along with you in your truck. The only thing you have to worry about is keeping some extra blades along.

This is because when you use a motorized stripping machine, the cable is always kept straight but when you manually pull it, there are chances of it going in the wrong direction and getting cut. However, in spite of all this, the manual machine is better than the motorized version because of the cost.

This manual machine made by CopperMine is great for those who simply want earn some quick money by stripping a small batch of cable once in a while. Being extremely affordable, it fits into the budget of most people. Even if you are a professional scrap dealer and own a motorized unit, you can purchase it and keep it as a backup.

3. STP 1000# Wire Stripper Tool

If you are looking for something that is even lighter on the pocket, you can choose to purchase this wire stripper tool. Priced at $25.97, it is quite easy to use and pretty durable. It helps you in removing the insulation from the wire provided the latter is not damaged.

The blades of this tool are designed especially for this purpose and are made out of good quality carbon steel.

There are many more wire stripping machines and tools in the market apart from the ones discussed above. However, you have to first decide which one is suitable for you and then purchase it. Hope you found this piece of information useful!

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