Why Video Games Should Be Used in Education?

The gaming industry is on the rise, and the range and quality of video games keep enhancing. But they don’t serve the purpose of entertaining users only.

Many games are used for educational purposes. Research has found that games help boost student participation, collaboration with peers, and retention of knowledge. Tutors and students continue to benefit from the games, finding new ways to optimize the learning process and teaching techniques.

What are the specific gains? Why should we continue using video games to advance educational goals? We believe there are strong reasons for that. Here’s our take on that.

Promotes student engagement

Student engagement is a vital part of a successful learning process. Modern educational tools and techniques are based on interaction and involvement.

The student-centered approach has proven to be indispensable, and video games are a great way of reinforcing it in practice. Tutors who have come to grips with these benefits are able to use video games to optimize the teaching process.

Nurtures teamwork

Collaboration is a skill that helps students achieve their educational and career goals. It is a skill that needs to be constantly nurtured and refined.

Some video games allow multiple users to play at the same time, play as a team, or play against one another. In all these cases, students develop important skills that stay with them in the course of and beyond the learning process.

By involving students in video games, we increase their participation and willingness to work and have fun with others.

Helps break down difficult concepts into manageable chunks

The learning process is successful when tutors are able to communicate complex concepts through easily digestible ideas. This matters because students may often encounter difficulties in understanding and applying multi-faceted tenets and premises. That’s why they use Trusted Essay Reviews to identify and use the services of online writing companies. They are thus able to complete challenging college assignments with the assistance of professional writers.

Video games are a great means to break down convoluted notions into manageable pieces. Tutors use them successfully to impart knowledge while students are having fun.

Bolsters a sense of achievement

A sense of achievement is a critical part of one’s self-confidence. When students are able to master video games, they feel increasingly positive about themselves and their ability to manage more challenging tasks.

Tutors build on this to encourage students to take on difficult educational assignments. The gaming industry understands the double benefit of video games very well. It keeps developing new video games for students that are perfectly applicable as learning tools too.

Contributes to better learning outcomes

Most importantly, video games are used to help students achieve their long-term learning outcomes. Experienced tutors use video games as a means of facilitating effective learning through playing. In general, the approach is not new, but video games have added a powerful visual aspect to the methodology. The benefits are well-researched and evidence-based.


The gaming industry keeps refining and diversifying the quality of video games. Developers have long understood the importance of using them for both entertainment and educational purposes. Tutors and students also appreciate ways in which video games help advance the learning objectives.


Barbara Fielder is a professional writer and education expert. Not only that, she knows the video game industry inside out. Barbara has been advising a number of educational institutions on improving the students’ learning experience by using creative solutions to the study process. She also enjoys playing video games herself, and chances are you might be playing with her virtually someday!

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