Why Taiwan is a Great Place for Startups

When starting a new business, there are many important factors to consider but none more important than the location of the business which will impact every aspect of the company. One of the best places to start a new business is Taiwan and this is for a few different reasons – read on to find out more.

Government Regulations & Policies

Looking at Government regulations and policies is very important when launching a startup. In Taiwan, you benefit from being able to have complete ownership of the company as a foreigner (this is not the case in many countries) and there is no minimum paid-up capital requirement for starting a business here.

If you are interested in setting up through a foreign entity, there are also a number of alternative corporate structures to choose from.

Incentive Programs

There are also diverse incentive programs for startups launching in Taiwan, including tax incentives for those that open businesses that establish themselves in certain locations such as free trade zones and technology parks.

Low-interest loans are also available and introduced to encourage innovation so this is a smart place to set up shop from a financial standpoint.

Great Location

Another major perk to consider when discussing starting a new business in Taiwan is the location. In addition to being a nice place to live and an emerging economy which is attracting many international investors, it is also perfectly placed as the crossroads of Asia and the ideal platform for connecting China and the Southeast Asian countries. Taiwan benefits from 17 airports, 7 international harbours and excellent island-wide rail and highway systems.

Superb Choice of Employees

When choosing a location for a new business, one of the most important factors to consider is the local workforce and they will have a direct impact on your success so you want somewhere with access to hardworking, educated and talented workers. You have this in abundance in Taiwan with over 300,000 fresh graduates each year and with people coming from a wide range of fields of study.

Location is one of the biggest decisions to make when launching a startup and will have a direct impact on your success. Currently, there are few better places to start a business than Taiwan as in additional to its ideal geographical location there are a number of perks and incentives to starting a new company here to consider along with being a country which has a lot to offer.

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