Why Do I Need a Virtual Number for WhatsApp?

Probably, if the messenger was not tied to my phone number, I would never have thought about buying a virtual number for registration. Using the HotTelecom service, I felt what it means to be free and not be afraid that your account will be blocked.

Virtual Number Boosts Your Business

Some people mix personal life and business without any problems. But if your business is connected with mass mailing of letters, you become an outcast for popular messengers:

  • Your account might be blocked.
  • You can’t get a new one on your phone number.
  • You lose contact with friends who can no longer write to you the desired “Hey, hello, how are you?”
  • And if you’re using WhatsApp, you may ask does WhatsApp show your phone number to customers or you may worried if your current number is being used for some other purposes.

Thanks to the purchase of a virtual number from HotTelecom, my personal life and business were effectively detached:

  • now I can be sure that communication with loved ones will not be lost due to the specifics of my business
  • if my account from which the mass mail is being sent is blocked, I can easily order a new number in HotTelecom
Why Do I Need a Virtual Number for WhatsApp?

Why Did I Use the Services of HotTelecom?

Simplicity, quality, and speed of service are the main principles on the basis of which I chose a provider. HotTelecom has exceeded all my expectations:

  • Quick registration and easy process of getting the disposable telephone number
  • Privacy and security guarantee
  • Low fee for any services
  • Possibility to choose a permanent or disposable virtual number

HotTelecom offers virtual numbers for registration on many other services, such as Twitter, Instagram, PayPal, etc. Now all social networks have become open for me to do business. My profit has skyrocketed. But I paid literally a penny for disposable numbers.

Virtual phone numbers allow you to avoid the strict control of social media. They think they can oversee and manage your life. But the disposable phone number seems to say: “Register and become free”. This is what I did.

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