Where to place a water fountain according to Feng Shui

Do you like the well-known zen fountains? Actually, the correct name is “Feng Shui fountains” and they are very important in this philosophy. In fact, the Feng Shui philosophy seeks to improve the quality of life by arranging our environment in such a way that we balance the energies and obtain the energy called Chi and keep the negative energy away.

One of the most relevant elements in this culture is water, as it helps to create life, accumulates energy and helps us to redirect it. One of the best ways to apply it at home is water fountains. In this article, we explain where to place a water fountain according to Feng Shui so that you can enjoy its benefits in your home and we explain how it works.

Tips for choosing a zen water feature

Now that we have seen that having a zen water feature at home can be very beneficial if we know how to use it correctly, there are a few things we need to be clear about before we start buying or making one and placing it. In order to choose and place a water fountain it is useful to know the following:

We should like the Indoor water fountain we choose, it is not necessary to take the first one we see so that it simply works. It is important to make sure that the shape, the number of jets, the stones and the whole composition, in general, seem harmonious and relaxing to get good results.

The noise of the motor should be very low and never exceed the sound of the water. The sound of the water should be moderate, a loud one will be perceived as noise, although at the beginning it may be pleasant, it will end up bothering us.

Where to place a Feng Shui water fountain

There are ideal places at home to place this element, but there are also places that should be avoided, as we will see later in this article. To see in each home which room is best is best to use a Feng Shui Bagua Map and see in which of the following rooms are the best places to put a water fountain falls more in the area of Health and Family, Wealth and Prosperity and Career. Mainly these are the following places in the home:

Feng Shui indoor fountains

The best places to place a water fountain according to Feng Shui are the following and in this order of preference:

  • Living room or sitting room
  • Entrance of the house, foyer or hall
  • Workplace or office

Of course, place it far enough away from electrical appliances and on furniture that is not of great value, as somehow it will always splash, even if only a little. It is important to place it in these parts of the house because it is where we do more life during the day, we meet people and we can take better advantage of the energy flow. 

Another vital detail to take advantage of the Chi that these water elements provide is to always place the fountain facing the inside of the room to retain the positive energy in the home, never place it in front of a window facing outside, as the energy will leave the house following this flow.

Feng Shui water fountain outdoors

If you want to place a Zen fountain outside your home, whether it is a balcony, terrace, garden or land, the location does not matter as it is a completely open space. Wherever we place it, it will activate and circulate Chi energy throughout the space. Therefore, it is best to place it taking into account the distribution of other elements such as plants, tables or chairs.

It is necessary that the fountains, no matter if they are inside or outside the house, are constantly working to keep the water flowing and avoid stagnant water.

Where not to place a water fountain according to Feng Shui

Furthermore, just as there are perfect places to place these elements, there are some places in the home where a water fountain should never be placed. The places where it is negative to have a fountain are the following:

  • Bedroom
  • Kitchen
  • Bathroom

The reason is that in the bedroom we need to rest properly and the sound of the water and even the sound of the engine can prevent us from resting properly. The kitchen and the bathroom are not part of the above-mentioned areas of the Bagua Map, so it is not advisable to place moving water in them.

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