Where is the Place of Video Production in the Tech World?

While video production has been with us for ages, film-making seems to be revolutionizing at almost a similar pace with advancements in technology. Different kinds of tech are now being utilized in various phases of video production, from footage capturing to editing and post-production cuts. Today, the entire process is faster and less stressful, plus the resulting video is of higher quality, thanks to various types of modern tech.

Where is the Place of Video Production in the Tech World

The following pointers should paint a clearer picture of video production today and soon. 

A Growing Demand

The past few years have seen a staggering growth in demand for corporate video production services, making the market quite flooded and competitive. This is especially true in the business world, where video content has become a powerful marketing tool for any growing company in today’s market. The folks over at En3, a corporate video production company in Singapore would suggest working with an experienced company that understands your needs as far as growing an online presence is concerned. Working with experts can promise you great results in producing quality content that your target market will like, share, and probably fall in love with.

The Rise of Vertical Video

In today’s tech world, smart devices are among the most trending. Tablets and smartphones are precisely an integral part of everyone’s daily life these days. This is why mobile video consumption has risen by almost 100% annually over the past few years. It should also explain why today’s video production is more focused on consumers using devices with smaller screens, specifically vertical video. You no longer have to turn your device on the side to comfortably view a video you’re interested in.

Skyrocketing Resolution

High-resolution video will be the norm over the next few years, given the pace at which electronic gadgets and their video processing capabilities are advancing. Moreover, many of today’s camera equipment can record 4K videos, which are then available to consumers from wherever they are on the planet.

Smarter Video Production Software 

Video production companies are today using state-of-the-art editing platforms where teams can collaborate to create stunning videos even remotely. Most of them come with a diverse range of tools and features that help get the job done quicker, better, and even cheaper. This is unlike the video production tools used a few years back where the process was tedious, slower, and much more complicated. Some tools even allow marketers and businessmen to create their own videos from scratch.

A Commanding Market Size

As far as the revenues are concerned, the film and video production industry stood at $17.4bn as of 2021. Statistics from the Ibis World predicted a market size increase of 3.6% in 2021 alone. This is an explosive growth rate, compared to 2018 when the global video market’s value stood at $39.61 billion!

Where is the Place of Video Production in the Tech World

Versatility and Current Trends

In relation to technology, the video production industry has seen a lot of exciting trends over the past few years. For instance, virtual Reality (VR) technology has given brands a creative way to reach out to their target audience, through video games, tutorials, virtual tours, and everything in between. This is not to mention cinemagraphs, which are great at telling your brand’s story creatively over social media, your website, and other online platforms.

To sum it all up, video production has transformed greatly over the years. Videos are one of the most interactive media, which is why individuals, brands, and companies use them to attract the masses and keep them engaged. All this is made possible by various types of technology, all the way from pre-production to post-production.

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