What resources could be utilized to avoid plagiarism?

Are you looking for a permanent solution to kick out plagiarism from your content?

Does plagiarized content haunts you like a spectre and sabotages your creativity?

Writing is a very creative yet tricky task. It takes very lot of your time because most of your faculty are at work in this exercise. First of all, you have to generate new ideas and recall the necessary information about them.

Then, you have to organize the terrain of thought on paper. Therefore, it is a skill, and not everyone can do it. But your written content is good for nothing if it contains plagiarism.

If you are one of them, then stick to this article as I am going to share the best article rewrite tools for you.

What resources could be utilized to avoid plagiarism

How Plagiarism is affecting your content?

How would you define plagiarism? Providing you are a digital marketer, blogger, student, teacher, or any one of the lot, you are well aware of this word. But have you ever thought about how it is affecting us?

Plagiarism is everywhere on the internet. It is not a false alarm as even Google officials are stating this fact. Matt Cutts, spam head at google, once gave this statement that 25-30% of the content on the internet is plagiarized.

ICAI, a stats provider, in its survey concluded that 40% of 17,000 graduates in the US cheated in examinations. From these facts, we can conclude that plagiarism has crept our institutions, the internet, and our mindsets most, unfortunately.

How to define plagiarism?

“to steal and pass off (the ideas or words of another) as one’s ownuse (another’s production) without crediting the source.”Merriam Webster

A small dive into its history can help us understand the concept further.

Plagiarism is supposed to derive from the word “plagiarius”, which means kidnapper. This word was first used in the fifteenth century.

Later in the early eighteenth century, the first copyrights law were formed in England. But, had any law impeded duplicate content, we would not have seen it now.

Nevertheless, coming to this modern age, plagiarism gained importance due to the prevailing culture of copying content. It is, however, not encouraged, but it is very easy.

Another implication of plagiarism that will interest your minds is that some most revered literary scholars have committed plagiarism in the past. They are alleged to have copied large parts of their writings.

Unfortunately, plagiarism is not a crime in the real civic sense.

How does Google see plagiarized content?

Copied content is not suitable for your SEO. There are a lot of reasons behind it. First, copied content is naturally prone to low-quality wording because you never know how often it has been copied already.

Such malpractice ultimately reduces the quality, and understandably, lacks real meaning. Second, such content feels like a caricature, a body without a soul.

 It, therefore, does not appeal to the readers.  Moreover, copied content does not convey the real meaning, so it does not appear on search engine result pages or SERPs.

There is another possibility; your duplicate content may remain in oblivion because search engines know that your content is plagiarized.

What are resources to remove plagiarism?

There is, however, no dead-end to this problem. Specific paraphrasing tools are available to remove plagiarism from your content. These tools are developed with AI and processed with NLP or Natural Language Processing. In other words, when you paraphrase your written text, it produces rich content, natural inflow and conveys full meanings that seem to be written by a human and not a machine. It is a fascinating feature of article rewriters.

What is a paraphrasing tool?

It is an online tool that rewrites your content to remove plagiarism from it. It also helps you restructure your text while retaining the essence of your content.

An Article Rephraser can be your best choice for eradicating the issues of plagiarism. Some of the best word changer available on the internet, as they can cater to all your writing demands in one go.

What resources could be utilized to avoid plagiarism

Students can use these tools to rewrite their assignments and thesis. In the case of the thesis, most of the content is to be taken from various sources.

However, while taking this content, researchers forget to rephrase it. Therefore, it contains plagiarism, and plagiarized theses are not acceptable.

Therefore, A paraphraser can significantly help students.

Most content creators face this issue very much as they have to upload loads of unique content on the internet. In addition, Internet users search for queries on the internet regularly.

Bloggers optimize their content to make it user-oriented so that next time a user asks for a query, their result appears at the top.

Unfortunately, this practice often leads to plagiarized and monotomous content that is neither acceptable to search engines nor attractive to readers.

There they can use a paraphrasing tool to get this task done efficiently.

How to use Paraphrase tool:

It is a straightforward phenomenon to use an article rewriter.

You have to open its website.

Post your content for rephrasing.

Click on additional features.

Added features could be:

  1. Grammar checker.
  2. Sentence and word changer
  3. Creative and standard mode
  4. Download option

Click on the call to action button that can be “paraphrase”, “rewrite”, or something else.


Your frustration regarding plagiarism is genuine because it mares the whole effort of writing content.

Writing content is not child’s play, as you have to divulge information, facts, stories, or fantasies on paper without being inconsistent.

Therefore, it is one of the most challenging tasks in the world. But, it would be a disaster if your draft contains copied content.

Plagiarism is a menace that has entered has cunningly entered the content creation world. Its threats are manifold, from non-acceptance in academic circles to de-ranking your websites by search engines.

However, the solution is available in the form of a paraphrasing tool. These article rewriters remove plagiarism from your content by changing the words of your content to the most similar ones.

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