What is a Managed WiFi Service?

With consumers demanding more WiFi availability and coverage, businesses are scrambling to meet expectations. But, it’s costly and time consuming to manage your WiFi, including the processes of design, installation, maintenance, troubleshooting and monitoring.

A managed WiFi service takes the brunt work out of growing your WiFi solution. With a managed service, you can expect improved performance at a lower cost.

Unmanaged WiFi, on the other hand, is when internet users utilize access points to browse the internet from. This is the method that most internet users know and use in their homes and businesses. However, the access points are not connected and are ‘unmanaged’.

Why use a managed WiFi service?

With managed WiFi, your business can outsource the tasks associated with providing the fast and seamless connection your end-users deserve, as well as keeping your technology up to date.

Free up your time

Likely the largest benefits to using a managed WiFi service are the time saved and headaches avoided trying to troubleshoot and maintain your WiFi network.

Leave it to the pros

Managed WiFi for service providers is ideal because trained, experienced professionals will take care of the routine tasks of WiFi service so that your team can focus on more important, business-critical tasks.

Get access to IT support & security

Furthermore, most managed WiFi solutions come with top-notch support, available to answer your questions and protect your network against potential threats.

Have more control over your WiFi

A managed WiFi access allows you to control what customers see when they log in to your public WiFi, including adding advertisements, graphics, videos, surveys, and more to keep engaging your customers.

Improve your WiFi performance

Finally, with a managed WiFi for service providers, you can improve your WiFi performance, giving end-users a better experience.

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