What do we need math for in real life?

There should be very little doubt about the importance of math and mathematical skills. As one of the most essential subjects at school, we start to learn it early in life.

Being often referred to as the language of the universe, it serves as an elegant way to describe the world. Indeed, everyone should possess basic math awareness. Not necessarily to solve complicated problems, but just to use it in real-life situations.

Being good with money

Naturally, the basic concept of math is dealing with numbers. Equipped with rudimentary knowledge from algebra class, everyone should be able to perform some simple calculations. The obvious example of an area where those skills come in handy is making transactions involving money.

Of course, computers and calculators can do all the heavy lifting for us, so there is no need to work our brains too hard. Nevertheless, it’s good to know how things work in the world of numbers. With math, you can make more educated life decisions when saving and investing money, choosing the right bank account, understanding how interest work in your loan, and so on.

Even regular shopping trips become easier with elementary math. When buying a new computer or making other similar expensive purchases, you need to know which store offers the best deal. It’s essential to make an effort when calculating the prices of everyday groceries and food products. Especially when the items come in bulk, you have to figure out whether the sale is good.


Other than those specially designed to teach math, some games require skills in that department. The obvious examples are the ones where you need to count or calculate chances. Simple logic games and puzzles are often based on math.

There are also numerous card games. Poker and blackjack, in particular, rely largely on probability and analysis. With the multitude of online blackjack real money options, it is easy to learn how to be better at this game. Of course, you don’t need to be a genius to enjoy playing but being math savvy can help with developing other abilities such as critical thinking, which would make you a better player in many traditional and video games.

Math around the house

It’s not that hard to find a good use for math skills around your household. The significant part of cooking is making precise measurements of the ingredients, particularly when following a recipe. It’s not uncommon to make bigger or smaller portions. This way, you might need more or less of what instructions call for. A simple concept of fractions will come in handy, especially when combining recipes that use different measurement systems.

Speaking of measuring things, there comes a time when you need to change something about the house itself. Whether it is remodeling or simple home decorating. The need for meticulous calculation of areas appears on many occasions, and it is an important step of proper preparations that will save some time and trouble later. You will do it when installing new tiles in the kitchen, deciding on how much material to buy, or how many cans of paint it will take to paint a room.

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