What are the Best Apps for legal US Sports Betting in 2021?

Sports betting is becoming legal in more parts of the US every year, and modern audiences do not even need to visit a bricks and mortar bookkeeper if they want to place a wager, thanks to the excellent online gambling services available.

For the ultimate in sports betting convenience, using a mobile app to browse odds and make bets is the obvious choice. But which of the many apps should you choose?

Best Apps for legal US Sports Betting


Regularly featured among the best legal US sports betting sites found here, DraftKings is a brand that established itself in the fantasy football scene and has gone on to offer all sorts of online casino services.

Perhaps the most important thing to note about its mobile app is that rather than having one app to handle every aspect of its digital betting empire, it instead has four distinct ones, each of which specializes in a particular activity.

This means that if sports betting is your thing, then the DraftKings Sportsbook app is the one you want to choose, alongside some of the other great sports apps out there.

One of the other perks of playing with DraftKings is that it is the official partner of the NFL, and has a close connection to all sorts of other professional sports. This means that it can be relied upon to offer carefully calculated odds, as well as supplying the latest information about your favorite teams and players in real time.

In terms of the leagues and events which it covers, the usual suspects such as football, basketball, hockey, baseball and golf can all be found, alongside lesser known sports as well.

It also boasts a clean, uncluttered interface and plenty of options for quick deposits and withdrawals, which is a nice touch.


Well known elsewhere in the world for its online sports betting services, UniBet has quickly become a popular option in the American states where this type of gambling has been legalized.

In order to use its mobile app, you will need to choose the one that matches the state in which you are resident at the moment, as there are separate iterations for Iowa, Pennsylvania and Virginia, for example.

Regardless of which you need to use, the same overall user experience is available, including the slick menus and eye-catching visuals.

You can place bets from your smartphone before events have started, as well as taking advantage of in-game betting opportunities, which is handy if you want to get in on the action part way through a game.

In fact there are arguably more features and promotions available courtesy of the UniBet app than on any other equivalent service. This means that while it is welcoming to newcomers, it will also provide enough variety to keep veterans interested.


It may be better known as an operator of a number of high profile land-based casinos, but MGM is also a brand that has gone all-in on the online sports betting market, and its standalone sportsbook app is a testament to this fact.

Available for iOS and Android devices, the app has the kind of high-end presentation you would expect from a classy brand like this. BetMGM also boasts of having the best quality customer service of any online casino operator, which is perhaps a selling point for many people.

As well as offering bets across professional and college-level sports, BetMGM’s app can also be used to wager on boxing, mixed martial arts, tennis and every top-flight soccer league from around the world.

Coupled with round-the-clock access to your wagers and secure, speedy transactions whether you are adding cash to your account or taking out your winnings, you can see why this app continues to find favor with gamblers.


When it comes to the PointsBet mobile app experience, speed is very much the name of the game. It aims to get users into the action quicker than anyone else, which might matter more for some customers than for others.

One of the other intriguing features that the app affords customers is the ‘name a bet’ function, which basically means you can ask PointsBet to conjure up odds based on whatever wager you feel like placing. This gives exceptional flexibility for players who want to mix things up, or who cannot find a price on the particular event they are watching.

As you can see, with so many great sports betting apps out there today, you can see what the frontrunners have to offer and then make an informed decision.

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