Welcome Bonus Vs. Free Spins Bonus: Everything You Need To Know

Understanding the difference between a welcome bonus and a free spins bonus takes a bit of work. Here’s our guide explaining all of the details.

Welcome Bonus & Free Spins Bonus Offers: Understanding Both With Practical Examples

Online casino operators prefer to offer promotions to their members. They use the various bonus offers as a potent marketing tool to attract new players and retain existing ones. For the casino, these promos enhance customer loyalty and advertise their services. On the other hand, players get free cash and other offers when playing. On the surface, a welcome bonus and a free spins bonus, in particular, appear like a win-win for both parties.

However, there is more you need to know regarding these deals before claiming them. While it is true that bonuses are beneficial to players, for the most part, they are usually only available with numerous terms and conditions. In other words, claiming the bonus funds (and any subsequent winnings made with them) becomes impossible unless you fulfill the requirements. Consequently, it is vital to stay on top of your game by getting all the info you need. We’ve explained these offers below and included examples of reputable casinos where you can claim them fair and square. Let’s begin.

Welcome Bonus Vs. Free Spins Bonus: Explanation & Examples

As the word implies, a welcome offer represents the casino’s way of “thanking” new players for choosing it over the competition. As a result, this offer is typically available for new players and exists in different forms.

The most common form of the welcome promotion nowadays is a deposit match bonus, a no deposit bonus, and a free spins bonus. In other words, a welcome offer is a broader term than a free spins offer. Each casino chooses what its welcome offer will include and what type of perks new players will receive. Sometimes you’ll also see several benefits combined into one offer.

When looking to maximize your casino benefits, understanding the intricacies, differences, and implications of the various available promotions is crucial. Starting to play casino games may be daunting if you have no experience, but there’s nothing to fear. For example, numerous welcome bonuses combine deposit matches with free spins. To help paint a more detailed picture for you, let’s observe a casino example.

Welcome Bonus Example: N1 Casino

We’ve chosen N1 Casino to demonstrate the various aspects of the welcome offer for a reason. This operator is among the most reputable online casinos available to punters in several markets, with a proven track record and a customer-centric approach.

For instance, N1’s Welcome Package includes a 600 CAD cash bonus and 200 free spins for select games. This welcome offer is the perfect example of the previously mentioned offer that combines free cash with complimentary free spins. Additionally, the dynamics of claiming the entirety of the bonus requires you to make four separate deposits. Consequently, your bonus amounts and free spins will partially become available after each deposit.

In other words, once you deposit funds into your N1 account for the first time, you’ll be able to claim up to 150 CAD and 150 free spins. Note the “up to” part of the offer; this term means that the maximum bonus amount cannot exceed 150 CAD but can be lower. This limit is called a “maximum bonus cap” and exists for a reason. In other words, it represents the casino’s limit on the free cash it will give you.

Simultaneously, in the case of this particular N1 welcome offer (first deposit), you’re looking at a 100% deposit match offer. So, if you deposit 50 CAD, you’ll receive another 50 CAD (100% match) from the casino. But, if you deposit 200 CAD, you’ll only receive 150 CAD as the bonus due to the limit.

The first four deposits at N1 casino constitute the Welcome Package. Each of your first four deposits will have different match percentages and a different number of free spins. However, the total offer amounts to 600 CAD and 200 free spins (more on the spins in a moment).

Free Spins Bonus: What It Represents & How It Works

The name of this casino promotion is self-explanatory, but we’ll also cover this offer in detail. In their essence, free spins are a type of online casino promotion that lets players play real money slot games without betting their own money. The possibility of winning money without investing anything is the evident benefit of this casino bonus. Typically, you can get a free spins bonus in the form of a no deposit or a deposit deal.

On the one hand, no deposit offers mean you can claim free spins without depositing funds to the casino. If you only observe it from the perspective of getting free spins for nothing, this offer is convenient. On the other hand, the terms and conditions attached to these offers are usually rigorous. Earning money from these deals becomes almost impossible because gaming sites don’t receive anything in return when they allow players to claim them.

Imagine encountering a casino site that requires a $20 deposit but grants players 100 free spins as a result. Using the spins will not cause you to risk anything while spinning the reels, which is the same with a no deposit free spins offer. However, a deposit offer means that you’ll need to place funds on the site to qualify for the spins. If you lose, the casino will keep your deposit. We understand it may not sound obvious, so here’s another example to help clarify things.

Free Spins Bonus Example: Brazino777 Casino

We’ve chosen Brazino for our free spins offer example because of this operator’s stellar reputation. Brazino has been online since 2011 and has garnered numerous industry accolades to date with no signs of slowing down. This casino is available in multiple countries worldwide but seems to be a particular favorite of Australian and Brazilian punters.

Besides its lucrative welcome offer, Brazino also offers an equally enticing 120 free spins to new players. The exciting part is that this free spins bonus is entirely unrelated to the cash Welcome Package. In other words, if you’re a fan of slot games, you can forego the free money and opt for 120 free spins.

How does this bonus work? If you deposit $10 or more for the first time, you can claim the first 40 Free Spins installment. The second and third deposits also feature 40 Free Spins each, similarly available in installments. Consequently, all of the free spins are available on select titles, such as Fire Lightning, Cherry Fiesta, and Sevens. This free spins bonus is available as a deposit bonus, and each of the spins gives you a chance to win more. However, keep in mind that this Brazino promotion comes with a 40x wagering requirement. So, when it comes to crucial considerations, remember to always read an offer’s terms and conditions in detail before claiming the bonus.

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