Ways to Get Free NFTs

Knowing different ways to get free NFTs can be useful to boost your profitability in the digital asset market. It’s astonishing how much one NFT can sell for. But getting some of these priceless pieces is, well, pricey. Thankfully, there are several ways to get a free NFT that could make you some profit, including claiming free NFTs on Chainers, participating in giveaways on Twitter, and others.

This article will show you four different ways to get free NFTs. When followed correctly, these methods can help you snipe some rare assets for a play-to-earn game, your PFP, or to resell.

What Are Some Ways to Get Free NFTs?

There are several ways to find free NFTs to claim. Some top methods are to mint one from free NFT games like, join giveaways, participate in airdrops, or check NFT marketplaces. You can even mint your own free NFT and keep it or share it with friends.

Below, we’ve explained the four best ways to get these coveted digital assets for free.

Mint on Play-to-Earn Platforms

One of the top ways to get free NFTs is through games. Blockchain games and play-to-earn platforms have been a massive hit since NFTs went mainstream in 2017. However, you must purchase NFTs to play some of these games. An example is Axie Infinity, where you get to spend an average of $200 to get your first Axies.

The good part is that there are also NFT games free to play. Plus, you can mint free NFTs from the platform that could be worth more later. One example of a platform you can try is Chainers.

Chainers is an innovative NFT metaverse that rewards gamers and enthusiasts with free, unique Chainers NFTs anytime they use the platform. The platform runs on the Polygon chain, allowing smooth gameplay and speedy transactions.

There’s much to do with the free NFT obtained on Chainers. They can be used as in-game characters to build virtual worlds and other assets. Alternatively, holders can choose to sell them to other players on the platform. This is one of the best ways to earn free NFTs, especially if you’re just starting out with crypto games.

Join NFT Giveaways

Giveaways are one of the surefire ways to get free NFTs. This method is good because you can explore other categories of NFTs, from games to profile picture collections and utility-based projects.

The downside, however, is that finding legit giveaways can be exhausting. But when done right, you could lay your hands on a rare NFT you can flip for a decent profit. So how do you find NFT giveaways?

To get NFT giveaways, you must be an active member of the NFT community. Twitter and Discord are the top platforms to find these giveaways. Usually, influencers on these apps partner with upcoming and established projects to host giveaways. The participation criteria may be as simple as liking, following, and sharing a project to help boost visibility.

One caveat, though, is that giveaway winners are picked at random. So the chance of you getting a free NFT is slim, especially if lots of people participate. However, you can increase your chances of winning one on Twitter if you have an active account with a cover photo, a bio, and many tweets. The idea is that most tools used to randomize winners do their selection using criteria like these to weed out bot accounts. So the more active and legit your profile looks, the higher your chances are.

Participate in NFT Airdrops

Airdrops are similar to giveaways in that winners are chosen at random. Plus, being an active member of the NFT community is critical to your success with airdrops. Before we look at how to benefit from airdrops, here’s a little background on how they work.

Airdrops are a form of reward mechanism and marketing strategy that NFT projects leverage to incentivize specific crypto community members. The process involves project teams distributing tokens to different wallet addresses for free or as a gift.

To be eligible, you must meet specific criteria, like holding an NFT from another collection or using a particular wallet or platform for a certain period of time. Other times, it can be open to everyone in the space after completing a specific task.

To know about upcoming airdrops, you must follow top influencers on Twitter who are most likely to update their community about potential drops early. Top influencers include Farokh, Beaniemaxi, and DeeZeFi.

Mint Your Own NFT

The fourth way to get free NFT is to create it yourself. While it might sound like a challenging venture, it’s the opposite, and you don’t need to be a master coder or top NFT influencer to get started. The fun part of creating your own NFT is that you can share them with your loved ones to mark a memorable milestone.

The best part is that many platforms allow you to create an NFT for free. Most times, though, you’ll need to pay gas fees. These are small amounts paid to miners to help validate your transaction on the blockchain. However, they don’t usually cost much, and you can use blockchains like Solana with lower fees of less than one cent. You could also mint your free NFT using the lazy minting feature on most marketplaces.

Platforms that allow you to mint NFTs for free include OpenSea, Magic Eden, and Bueno Art. Note that you’ll need to invest in good marketing to make profits through this method.


The options we covered in this article aren’t the only ways to get free NFTs. If you’re serious about being an active member of the space, you’ll find many other free options. One of the most recent ways people get free NFT is through free mint projects. These NFT projects offer the entire collection for free on the mint day and profit from the secondary sales.

Popular free mint projects that went sky-high include GoblinTown, God Hates NFTees, and CryptoPunks. You must also be active on Twitter to find projects like these. Just do proper research so you don’t become someone’s exit liquidity.

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