7 Ways To Optimise Your Ecommerce Website Today

Optimising your eCommerce website can make a big difference to your sales and conversion rates. Just a few small changes can have a significant positive impact, but knowing which areas to optimise can be a struggle. When we talk about optimisation for an eCommerce website, we generally mean making changes to the site, which help to increase conversions.

Conversions can vary depending on your goals, but typically a conversion is when a customer makes a purchase, adds something to the cart or saves a product to buy later. That’s one of the reasons that most businesses prefer to have a reliable software company for their software and web apps development needs.

If you are looking to improve your conversions, follow these seven ways to optimize your eCommerce website today.

1. Showcase customer reviews

Consumers often want to read product reviews before making a purchase. Implementing a review widget on your website is a quick and easy way to showcase positive feedback. They provide a short snippet of crucial information, such as a star rating for your business or products. Your customers will clearly see what previous purchasers have thought of your products. Considering up to 95% of customers will not make a purchase until reading reviews, providing this information directly on your website is an easy and effective optimisation.

2. Include plenty of product images

When a customer is buying online, they want to see as much as possible about a product. Unlike an in-store purchase, they can’t physically see the product in front of them, so photos are the next best thing. Many websites make the mistake of showing just one or two photos of a product. You want to provide enough pictures so that consumers can see your product from various angles and contexts. Product images are one of the most critical parts of creating high converting product pages.

3. Add a live chat feature

Customers want the opportunity to ask questions about products before purchasing. According to one study, having a live chat on your eCommerce website can boost conversions by 38%. Live chat is not only great for conversions but also encourages customer service ratings by making your business easy to connect with.

4. Make sure your site is responsive

Optimising your website for mobile use is something no business can afford to skip. More customers are using mobile devices than desktops, and online shopping on mobiles has increased dramatically in recent years. If your website is slow or difficult to navigate on handheld devices, then you are definitely missing out on sales.

5. Create a sense of urgency

Consumers are triggered by urgency, and using flash sales on your eCommerce website can be a great way of boosting sales. Setting up an effective marketing campaign using a timed sale can encourage customers to buy before its too late. Use language which provokes urgency and includes a powerful call-to-action.

6. Reduce your cart abandonment

The average cart abandonment rate is a massive 69%, and there are some things you can do to reduce this on your eCommerce website. Pop-ups that alert users as they are about to leave your website without making a sale can improve conversions. Removing all surprise costs at checkout can also help improve cart abandonment. You can do this by either offering free shipping or making it very clear from the start what your shipping cost will be.

7. Use video content

Studies have shown that incorporating video into your eCommerce website can improve conversion rates by up to 85%. The majority of the top online retailers are now using video content on their websites, and customers are watching more video content online than ever before. Whether you create product videos, educational videos or something different entirely, video content is great for eCommerce websites.

Making these small changes to your online store can increase sales and leave your website more profitable than ever. From showcasing customer reviews to creating a sense of urgency, there are many ways to optimize your eCommerce website today.

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