Upgrading Spirit Hunt This Year- Tips for Beginners

Paranormal investigation, also known as ghost hunting, involves searching for ghosts and spirits in locations that people consider haunted.  It is a fun activity if you have nothing else to do. However, for some people, it can be quite dangerous to search for ghosts. Some people do not believe in spirits or the paranormal at all.

But, they would want to investigate more to come in contact with them for those who do. People usually search for ghosts for reasons such as getting in touch with someone they loved but passed away recently. Or to get rid of spirits haunting them or other people.

You do not need fancy gadgets, be a seasoned ghost hunter or an expert clairvoyant to have the ability to hunt your first ghost. All you will require is some friends, a haunted location, and the eagerness to learn. If you are new to ghost hunting and paranormal investigation, then this article will help you out.

After all, a paranormal investigation is not quite what they show you on your television. So, newbie ghost hunters would find it a much easier process if they follow a few beginner tips and tricks. Check out these tips below to avoid facing any trouble with your first ever paranormal investigation.


A ghost hunt will not be successful if you do not have the right equipment. You would want to pick up the necessary equipment to make your ghost hunt go smoothly and without any hiccups. You will need to do all the setup in the morning. However, ghosts tend to come out at night, and you need equipment to record their existence. We recommend buying some necessary items such as flashlights, night-vision cameras, sound recorders, and storage containers.

It will increase your chances of coming in contact with the other side. Start by searching the expert’s suggested Spiritshack ghost hunting equipment to buy this year and align your cart as per your budget. Once you do, go ahead, and read the instruction manual provided with every item to ensure that you use them correctly.


When you decide to go on the ghost hunt, the best thing you need to clarify is why you want to do it. If you only want to feed your curiosity, then ghost hunting is the right process for you. It will not require any specialized equipment. You will first need to choose a location that people consider haunted. Then go there and experience it for yourself.

But suppose you wish to go deeper and analyze why people refer to it as haunted. In that case, you can then call it a paranormal investigation. With such an approach, you will need to spend a long time at the location and take video and sound recording and measurements. So, analyze the situation. And ask yourself why do you want to come in contact with the paranormal. Sometimes disturbing the other side for fun can be a dangerous hobby for you.


There are many ways you can find haunted places near your location. You can ask your friends, family, or relatives if they know of any, or you can go online and search for ones yourself. We suggest that you go for the latter. Once you find such a place, you should find out whether the location is public or private.

If it is a public place, try to conduct your investigation after working hours. It will ensure that it will be empty and nobody will disturb you during your ghost hunt. If the location is private and you intend to use cameras, sound recorders, and other related equipment, ask for permission from the owner. Also, ensure that you take down written permission. If you do not do it, you will probably be subject to jail time for trespassing illegally.


It is wise to record everything to use as evidence later if you are conducting a paranormal investigation. It will be crucial to your ghost hunt when you record videos, audio, or take photos to review them later. The most common form of data recording is handing papers and pens to your ghost hunting team and asking them to take notes of any occurrences. Other advanced forms of record-keeping devices include carrying voice recorders to EVP detectors to infra-red cameras.


You might consider yourself to be brave enough to eat it alone. But, it is always better to take someone along with you. If not for bravery, you will have someone to carry your equipment. It will ensure that you will have someone with you if anything goes wrong such as illness, injury, or if you encounter a real-life ghost.

Furthermore, another set of ears and eyes will also let you prove that you are not kidding and the place has a presence from the other world.


People sometimes are under the impression that nighttime is the only time to conduct a ghost hunt. Or it is the only time you can experience the existence of a ghost. This idea is usually the outcome of television shows such as ghost hunters, that only show ghost hunting in the nighttime. Sure, the dark will add a touch of spookiness to your hunt, but it is not the only option you have.

If you want to experience paranormal activity at its maximum, visit the location when disturbances occur. It could be the day time, the evening, or the night.


After your ghost hunt is complete, you need to sit down in a quiet place and playback all recording and review all collected evidence. It will be crucial to your conclusion. So, you require a place where nobody will disturb you, and there is no outside noise.

Other tips include reviewing your audio recording with a closed-back headset and doing it in a short period of 3 to 4 minutes. Also, try to view the video on a high-quality monitor. It will avoid artifacts and keep the resolution of the video consistent.


You will need to use your observation skills to their maximum capacity for a successful and adventurous ghost hunt. Start by developing protocols that you are comfortable with, use simple ghost hunting gear, and hone your senses. Be still, quiet, and open-minded, and you might end up encountering a ghost on your first ghost hunt ever.

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