Understanding the Legal Aspects of Real Money Gambling in Arab Countries

Real money gambling legislation and licensing are not the same across the world. Indeed, in some countries, the laws can differ between regions, so it should come as no surprise to find the legality of real money gambling changes between countries. The legal aspects of real money gambling are not easy to understand but below, you can find out everything you need to know regarding the gambling laws in Arab countries.


It is fair to say that although the regulations differ between the Arab countries, there are few nations that offer legal real money gambling. Casinos and sports betting, both in brick and mortar establishments and online, are illegal. There are Arab countries where some form of real money gambling is legal but the rules are usually very strict and we will come to those shortly. In terms of online gambling specifically, most countries do not allow it and there has been little interest shown in legalizing online gambling in the Arab world. However, despite the fact most governments in Arab countries do not like people gambling online, they are not punishing those who do, with the focus more on blocking online gambling websites. Let us take a closer look at some specific countries, beginning with Morocco.


Morocco is one of the few Arab countries that has legal real money gambling. Online lottery tickets can be purchased in Morocco and people have access to foreign based online gambling platforms, including real money casinos and sports betting. There are several brick and mortar casinos open in Morocco but online gambling is still not regulated in Morocco, so all gambling sites are licensed outside the country.


Real money gambling is legal in Lebanon and that includes both online and offline betting. Online betting is restricted to licensed websites and the Lebanese government does not want people using foreign gambling sites for their betting enjoyment. There is a legal brick and mortar casino open in Lebanon along with a national lottery. The Lebanese government regulates all forms of gambling in the country.


Egypt is another country, like Morocco, where online gambling for real money is left unregulated and people have access to foreign gambling websites. In fact, many foreign online gambling brands openly accept Egyptian players. Interestingly, there are many legal land based casinos open in Egypt but only holders of a foreign passport are allowed to enter the casinos. However, sports betting is available to local people via the Egyptian National Post Organization.


We can use Oman as an example for many other countries in the Arab world when it comes to real money gambling. There are no forms of legal online gambling websites offered in Oman but many foreign real money gambling sites are available in the country. So, although there are no Oman casinos as such, there are plenty of online casinos that can be easily accessed in the country. The same applies for online sports betting and Oman is much the same as several other Arab countries in that respect.

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