Try These 5 Ways To Consume CBD Gummies

Who does not love gummies? Everybody enjoys these gelatin-based drops of heaven regardless of their age. Ever since the vitamin supplements are available in gummy form, We have stopped looking at other options. They are tasty yet nutritious & fun ways to include vitamins in your life. They taste good & your body feels good. What else could you ask for?

Well, there is one more revolutionary product: CBD gummies. They look like regular gummies but enriched with the goodness of CBD. CBD is known for its several health benefits & stress-lowering properties. While CBD cookies are also a great alternative to CBD oil or vaping, CBD gummies are a tad ahead. They are finger-licking delicious & the sweet taste is to die for. You can have them anywhere you want & people will not look at you all weird. Almost all of them are the best CBD gummies to improve sleep, lower stress & boost immunity as well. The market is flooded with CBD gummies from other brands.

Let’s have a look at these 5 fun ways to maximize your CBD gummies experience.

1. Have a Gummy Cake

It is a pandemic which means you cannot go out. However, your happiness should not depend on the outside world. Be a responsible human being & stay home & try out superb Gummy dishes. One of them is an unbelievably delicious gummy cake. Eat your stress away & your sweet tooth will thank us later. Make a simple cake using buttercream frosting & decorate it with gummy bears on the sides.

Now, why should you do this? It will not only taste like heaven, but it would look visually appealing as well. Treat yourself & your family to the best gummy cake ever. Give a new twist to your good old cake.

2. Keep calm & have a CBD gummy cookie.

You heard it right. Cookies & gummies are a deadly combination for any sweets lover. Gummies are so tasty, but the taste is just out of this world when you put them on cookies. It is a unique way to tickle your taste buds. In doubt, just put gummy instead of jam on your thumbprint cookies. The taste is fun & the visuals are just so kawaii. Grab a glass of milk & dip these relaxing yet yummy cookies to treat yourself. Work from home ain’t no joke, so have a cookie & be proud of yourself.

3. Pop it up with CBD gummies popcorn

Lockdown has got us thinking about these weird recipes that tickle our pickles. Microwave marshmallows and unsalted butter at high temperatures. Mix them with popped popcorn and gummies. Make balls like popcorn and marshmallows with 1 or 2 CBD gummies. Now microwave them for 2 minutes and have the most exciting type of popcorn at home. Gummies do not melt if they are in between the popcorn & marshmallows. However, even if they do, they give a unique taste to the whole popcorn experience. Such a particular dish is worth posting on social media & the likes will go up in a matter of seconds. You can make them for Halloween as well.

4. This milkshake is going to bring all the happiness to your yard.

Why should the gummy train stop at the solid food station only? Let us up our game with this creative, yummy milkshake. Milkshakes are healthy if done right. Don’t we all love something to sprinkle on a milkshake to add crunch as well as visuals? Gummy milkshakes will not be just any drink; it will be tasty & stress relieving. Friends, it looks like we have decoded the code of blissful living. Just have your regular milkshake and garnish it with some gummy bears on top instead of sprinklers or tutti-frutti & say hello to the most fun milkshake ever. Make a rainbow milkshake with different colors of ice creams & garnish it with matching gummies.

5. Have a gummy cocktail for a spa day

It does sound weird but does not look weird at all. It is the sanest idea ever implemented in the world of creating food combinations. Some recipes deserve awards, especially when alcohol is involved. Feel free to experiment with vodka, whisky, or tequila. CBD Gummies will replace your good old tiny umbrella, lemon & even olives. They do get sticky with alcohol; it is better to have them on a toothpick or something.

Did you know that CBD & alcohol complement each other if taken together in limited quantities? Beware not to overdose, or you will succumb to sedation.


Life is not easy at all. Nevertheless, the least we can do is try to ease it up so that it becomes bearable. Pandemic has hit us all hard. However, thank god for the discovered goodness of CBD & CBD-infused edibles like gummies, making the whole process of managing stress a bit easier. Stress can cause pretty much any disease or ailment. A tense mind leads to a weak body. CBD gummies have proved that not everything tasty is bad for health. CBD is not addictive; hence feel free to experiment and consume.

They are discrete & nobody would notice or bat an eyelash. They do work slower, and the five tested recipes above make the whole experience so much fun. You can have them yourself now & when the pandemic is over, you can invite some friends over to have these exotic gummy dishes. Pro Tip: do not tell your friends that they are CBD gummies. Just let them have it & feel their benefits themselves. We once made a CBD gummy cocktail for my friend without letting her know & she asked me for the recipe since she liked it so much!

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