Try iTop VPN To Protect Your Privacy On The Web

I was the one who preferred to use free and pirated software, especially VPN software. In other words, if the programs are free, then why not take the cost out of some of them, especially since there are enough expensive paid programs that we have to bear their costs, such as design, editing and anti-virus programs.

Fortunately, this does not apply to VPN services. With monthly token subscriptions, you can enjoy a powerful and unlimited VPN service, but if you look at the value of annual subscription plans, you will notice that they have become almost the cheapest thing in our lives, yet they provide you with a secure encryption system that preserves your privacy and secures your confidential identity and activity while you are on the Internet. Whether you’re looking for a VPN for Windows, Mac or Android phones, feed iTop VPN is among the best solutions available in the market.

What iTop VPN can do?

  • iTop VPN is able to open all blocked websites and applications in your region
  • Preserve your privacy and secure your Internet activity
  • Unlimited data capacity
  • Many servers available worldwide

If you wanted a personal opinion, we would say that the most important thing about VPN software, in general, is that bad service is worse than no VPN at all. It can lead to slow internet browsing, inability to access certain websites, leakage of confidential IP addresses and your activities when you encounter connection problems, and many other inconveniences. 

Therefore, always make sure you choose a solid and reputable VPN program, make sure you examine it and know its features, and look at its negative aspects if it is easy or intractable and cannot be tolerated.

While there are many big names and companies in this field, every now and then a new program is born, some of them live for several months or a few years and then decide to leave and declare bankruptcy, others may continue and improve and grow over time.


iTop VPN is available on Windows, Android and IOS, and it offers you a free one week trial on 5 different devices at the same time, and the free VPN version has exactly the same benefits as the paid version. You will get the maximum speed allowed on your internet line and an unlimited percentage of data without any other restrictions.

What makes iTop VPN different from other VPN services?

You can connect for free via iTop VPN servers to unblock PUBG, without the need to register and enjoy unlimited data.

-Free servers all over the world, including Korea, Singapore, USA, UK, Canada, Germany, Australia, Russia, Japan and Brazil.

“Easy to use and simple” is the first phrase that comes to your mind once you install the iTop VPN software. After installing the program, you can click on the “Connect” button, and in an instant, the “Smart Location” option will be activated, which automatically selects the best and fastest server that suits you. For me, the server in Los Angeles, USA was the automatic server.

To change the server, simply click on the “little arrow” icon next to the server name to choose another one from the many. Currently, the company’s servers are located in the United States of America, Brazil, Spain, Germany, Italy, Singapore, Japan, Canada, Russia, Australia and France.

What are the iTop VPN connection modes?

  • Safe Mode: Safe Mode aims for maximum protection, security and privacy.
  • Balance mode: Balanced mode provides a more flexible Internet connection for easy browsing.
  • Game Mode: Game Mode is the best and fastest connection mode for network gaming and content delivery.

Speaking of the benefits of iTop VPN, in the program’s interface, you will find the three-bar icon in the upper left corner to switch to different connection modes. In the Network Solutions tab, you will deal with three connection modes: The first is the default “Backup Mode”, Safe Mode is ideal for providing a secure connection and the highest level of protection and privacy. If you don’t want your identity or Internet activity to be leaked to hackers, authorities and advertisers when shopping in electronic shops or browsing torrent sites and downloading huge files, then this is the ideal situation for you.

The second mode, which is Balance Mode, which tries to provide a fast connection with adequate protection, and is the recommended mode when browsing the Internet or chatting, video calling, online meetings, etc. The latter, “Game Mode”, focuses more on connection speed than on privacy, but does not sacrifice your Internet security. This mode tries to find the best server to focus on connection speed so that you don’t suffer from slowdowns or delays when playing network games, and at the same time your identity remains secret and hidden from others.

The Kill Switch

Of course, you always need the Kill Switch feature in any VPN program to ensure that your Internet connection traffic is encrypted at all times, as this will protect you from hackers and hijackers and prevent them from accessing your home IP address. In iTop VPN, Kill Switch is enabled automatically, or you may have to enable it manually in some cases. This feature blocks the Internet connection when the iTop VPN service loses the connection. 

As a result, it prevents your identity or data from being disclosed until the program’s Internet connection is restored. So you don’t have to worry about being connected via a WiFi or Ethernet cable, or turning your Internet connection on or off at any time, or the device going into standby mode, or you facing a sudden interruption of Internet service, the Kill Switch feature will always protect your privacy and protect your connection.

Performance and security

iTop VPN, based on military-grade encryption, or what we often refer to as “military encryption”, is the encryption system used by governments, intelligence and security agencies, cybersecurity experts and warring institutions around the world to encrypt highly sensitive information and data. Some VPN service providers rely on advanced AES encryption because it provides 256-bit keys, which means they are impossible to crack, even if a hacker or hacker uses supercomputers, it can take billions of years to decipher them.

There’s no doubt that iTop VPN is the best free VPN for Windows and their services will give you easy access to all the blocked videos and music in your area. Whether you’re watching Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer or Disney+ content, or spending your time playing games like COD and PUBG on your smartphone, however, if you’re experiencing speed issues while playing, it’s best to access the game’s servers specifically from the program menu. If you encounter a problem again, try switching the internet connection mode to game mode or balance mode.

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