Top Ways Of Managing Your Field Staff And Assets With Ease

When you have field staff dotted throughout the states and possibly throughout the county you will struggle to keep on top of what is going on and when, and you will struggle to keep a team together. If field staff is left to their own devices for long periods then you may struggle to maintain productivity and efficiency.

If your field staff are not effective or productive then they are effectively a waste of time and ultimately a drain on your business. So, before you let this happen to your business you need to take action. You need a plan of action and you need one now. Without a plan of action, you will be going about your activities blindly without knowing just which direction you’re going in and why.

Top Ways Of Managing Your Field Staff And Assets With Ease

A Plan of Action

Within your plan of action, you will want to cover just who you are meeting with and contacting, where and when. Whether you have 5 field staff or 50 field staff the plan must be the same and it must be consistent. If you do not have times and dates to meet with your field staff then you will struggle to get organized, and your staff will struggle to get the direction and guidance that they need. Within your plan why don’t you try and have a 5-minute catch-up once a week, or once a fortnight. At this quick catchup you can find out what is going on with each of your team, and also establish if there are any further issues or problems that need further time from yourself to rectify.

As well as having time to have a quick catch-up, you need to make time for longer catch-ups and get-togethers. Having the extra time for your staff will leave them feeling valued and appreciated which is what you want. You do not want your field staff to feel like they are not important to you and your business.

Leading From Example

To be on the same page and wavelength as your field staff you must be in tune with them and most importantly you must lead by example. If you want them to create or generate more leads then you need to make this happen and you need to show them how to make it work. If you do not lead by example then how can field staff know that you are genuine and authentic? When you show authenticity field staff the importance of authenticity then you can all move forwards positively which is what you need and want. Trying to move forward as a team when you are not connected or on the same page is going to be tricky and incredibly difficult, even at the best of times.

Why You Need To Utilize Software

Managing lots of people and lots of assets can leave you with an incredible headache. Trying to spread yourself too thin and tackle too much at once is not going to yield success or the results you deserve. Utilizing software packages such as WebFletch will allow you to focus on multiple areas of your business at once, ensuring that in the process no balls are dropped. Investing in software should be seen as essential for your business as you would find it incredibly difficult to try and do everything you want to, or set out to do without the use of the software.

Trying to be the best at everything within your business will potentially end up with negative results, so before this happens take some time out to find a software package that works for you both now and moving forwards. Getting software that gives you results while still being easy to use is what you need to be on the lookout for.

Top Ways Of Managing Your Field Staff And Assets With Ease

Keeping Everyone In The Loop and Aware

When you are looking at managing field staff one of the main priorities for you and your business should be keeping everyone involved within the business aware and in the loop with regards to what is going on when, where and why. If you want field staff to be connected and you want them to perform at their best then they have to be involved and they have to be connected. Field staff have to feel that they are part of the bigger picture and your role and responsibility is to ensure that this happens and happens regularly.

Learning to manage field staff, and doing so in an effective manner and way may be difficult at first, especially if you are facing some resilience from field staff, but with persistence and with time and effort you will get the results you desire and you will get the collective that you need to push forwards and achieve success. To ensure that you get the best results each time you must monitor and regularly review what you are doing when and why.

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