Top 10 Ideas to Start Your Online Business Immediately With Low Investments

Top 10 ideas to start your online business immediately with low investments

Making money is not so difficult process. More than that, it can be a very interesting and exciting journey. 21st century has made it possible not to waste your life at the plant or in the office performing the job you can’t stand at all but do great things in a comfortable atmosphere ..without leaving your house.

Not sure what to start with? No problem, Mediapulsertb is just right here to give you some ideas.

Monetize your blog

Blogging is quite a popular area for a young generation now. You may not have a billion audiences and feel comfortable with your people, but why not get some money as a reward for your efforts. The simplest thing to do is to join an online advertising network with careful and neat checking of what ads will appear so that they will be relevant and useful for your readers.

Write books

It is definitely not so easy to outdo Joanne Rowling and write series of books, but if you can tell good stories, fairy tales or have a list of lifehacks that do work – all such stuff can and should be monetized. A price like $1 sounds funny, but a hundred of loadings will certainly change your mind.

Create your own course

A physical tutor’s presence is not an obligatory point for studying the material. Languages, science and a lot of other things are successfully learned when a teacher and a student are far from each other. Just create your program to contain interesting points and offer a reasonable price.

Sell your code

Once written code can be used for a thousand of times and in various ecosystems. If you are skilled enough in programming, think about a nice feature apps and programs lack at the moment and offer companies to buy it from you. Your name is unlikely to be mentioned in the developers’ team, but it is a good way to get some money right now and just know about your investment.


Times of speaking your mother tongue without any foreign supplement has gone away. If you feel comfortable with the language of Lev Tolstoy, Murakami or any other country (even too exotic solutions can be demand) – study the market and offer people your hand and mind.

Write texts

This skill doesn’t require having extra skills, but literacy and pleasant manner of the line of thoughts. Thousands of websites are created daily and there should be somebody to fill them in.

Open your online shop

Actually, you don’t have even worry about packaging, delivery, and manufacturing. You can help other brands to distribute their products and get a little commission from it.

Start your line of products

People are interested in everything nowadays. Some ladies are keen on eco cosmetics (probably, you know secrets of good soap or hair mask), others like handmade clothes like scarves and jackets. What do you have to offer?

Consult people

Not only ad networks can offer cute solutions for monetizing, but professional knowledge is also in demand now. People may need a little help in law, small medical issues, psychology help, etc. Dozens of them were stopped by necessity to spend extra time going somewhere and waiting in the corridor to have a little conversation.

Sell your photos

Bloggers and website owners often need images for their articles, and they would like to have unique ones. There are so many topics that can be better understood like cooking, knitting, home design, makeup, and many others. Mind that the quality of your image and right focus are key factors meaning success.

Are you still here?

Main benefit is these ideas is that they do not require too huge investments. Be ready to spend days and nights at the start as you will learn a lot of information, small details definitely changing the whole picture and meet other people from the niche who can consult, help and teach.

The list of jobs we have collected is also good to the point of combining several of them at once. For example, you can hold webinars on knitting and sell photos of your work altogether with selling the products.

Additionally, you can create your own remote team with those who can be responsible for technical parts like website creation, somebody can deal with marketing and you can organize the process and talk to the audience. Good luck!

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