Tips To Keep Your Mac As Effective As Possible

If you have a Mac – you want it to run smoothly, that’s a logical fact. Sadly, some Macs who have served their people for years and years don’t run as smoothly and effectively as they used to.

One of the things you might experience here, in the case of an older Mac, is a notification of Startup Disk Full. And it can cause you much trouble – a full hard-drive might lead to much lower performance and some data loss in some cases.

Here we’ll share some tips on how to keep your Mac running smoothly and as effective as possible and we’ll talk more about your hard-drive and how cleaning it might speed up your Mac.

Restart and Shut Down Your Mac More Often

The easiest way to “shut down” a Mac is by simply closing it. It’s the favorite way to do it for many people because it’s the fastest one. But it’s not the best way.

If you restart your Mac from time to time, you will give it a chance to configure updates and if you shut it down completely – the computer will be able to shut down some apps that were running in the background and never actually closing. So keep your Mac healthy – restart it and shut down regularly.

Clean Your Disc Space

If your disc space is low, it may cause all kinds of unpleasant issues. It may even make you lose your data which would be very unfortunate. If the disc is so full that it cannot save additional data files that apps create if you save something, then your data will most likely disappear. It will also make your Mac run slower. If you want to keep an optimal speed of your Mac, make sure you have at least 10% of free disc space at all times. If you’re wondering “How do I clean my Mac” but haven’t the clue where to start, a program like iBoostUp is definitely a great place to start! 

Start Using A Cloud-Based Service

If you have already deleted everything you could, but you still haven’t reached 10% of free disc space, you could start using a cloud-based service. You can choose from many different services like OneDrive, Dropbox, pCloud, and others. The biggest advantage of using a cloud-based service is that you can access your files from almost anywhere. And with an upgraded plan, you can store a lot of data on these cloud platforms.

Buy A Hard Drive

Buying a hard-drive instead of using cloud-based services is better in one case. The case is you not always being able to be connected to the internet. This is the perfect solution if you tend to travel a lot and like to do some of your work while you travel on the plane.

Delete Unuseful Apps

Delete Unuseful Apps

It’s understandable that we live in the age of technology and people like to try out new apps daily. That is not a problem. The problem is that we tend to forget about these apps and never delete them after trying it out. As a result, we have a Mac that is slow and a hard-drive that is almost full. Have it in mind, that apps create all types of additional data on your hard-drive, so if you don’t use the app anymore – just delete it.

Delete Unuseful Files

Don’t keep the files you don’t use or need anymore. The more disc space you have, the more your Mac will be able to run smoothly. There might be quite some file copies stacking up in your computer, so you need to find it and get rid of it.

To do so, go to the Apple menu in the upper left corner, click on File, and then choose New Smart Folder. Click on the Plus button and select the search parameters like Kind, Name, Date, and others.

Empty The Trash

After you delete all unuseful files, don’t forget to remove it from Trash as well. Remember to check the Trash once in a while because you might end up having quite a few gigabytes lingering there and using your valuable disc space. There’s even a special trick you can do. Go to the Finder menu, click on Preferences, go to the Advanced tab and choose the option to remove items from the Trash after 30 days.

Update Your Mac Regularly

Updates are healthy and important for your Mac because updates also include important security and stability fixes. When new viruses are made each day, you simply can’t let yourself miss out on such an important factor like updating your Mac. Even though Macs are considered to be one of the safest computers, they still need to be protected.

Keep Your Mac Cool

Keep Your Mac Cool

If you keep your Mac cool, it will surely run faster and smoother. You can do this by cleaning the dust from your desk regularly, removing all sorts of clutter around your Mac, and a fan or air-con unit to cool the air.

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