Tips for finding a good gaming mouse

Wondering how to find your next mouse? Included are what you should consider before making your purchase.

In a market as diverse as tech, wading your way through the numerous options can be difficult. Especially if you are someone new to the world of gaming or just have gotten your first PC. With so many options in the realm of gaming mouse, it’s hard to know what makes for a great pick. So we are here to help list the things you should consider when deciding on what to buy.

What Are You Playing?

Mouse selection can depend heavily on the genre you are playing. If you typically prefer FPS games, then you may opt for a lighter mouse that will have a higher and more consistent performance. Whereas, if you play a lot of MOBA’s or MMORPG’s, you probably want a mouse that offers more functionality in terms of side buttons for your macros. You can also opt for a modifiable mouse like the Razer Naga Trinity, that allows you to swap out components depending on what you are playing.

Sensor Type

Now, computer mice separate themselves into two categories – optical and laser mice. Laser mice operate on every surface you use them on and an optical is a bit more finicky in terms of where it is used. It performs fine on mouse pads, and metallic or wooden surfaces but struggles on glass.

Optical mice are the more consistent of the two despite not being as versatile in where it is used, but the DPI levels aren’t as high. Laser mice are a much more sensitive sensor, and are sometimes capable of over detecting particles where it is used which causes instability. However, laser mice have higher DPI capabilities than their optical counterparts.

Wired vs Wireless

Depending on if you have a gaming PC that is in a more dedicated space, or you are relocating a lot with a gaming laptop – you might be more partial toward one or the other. Wired mice are more affordable and consistent in performance, but wireless mice make up for their higher price point with convenience.


For some, the weight of the mouse can make or break their choice. Some selections of mice include the ability to add weights to the mouse in order to add or reduce the heft of the device.


Sometimes, what your choice boils down to is form over function. Some options have the ability to customize your LED lighting, set up macros for your side buttons or change your sensitivity through the software that comes packaged with the mouse. Notable brands include the Logitech G Hub or the Razer Synapse software.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, your choice in the mouse comes down to what is comfortable for you. Some base their choice on their price point or what their friends recommend and the general consensus of online reviews. Do your research on products and find which factors matter to you. Check your favorite streamer’s and their setups if you want an extra voice of authority, or check the guide that we have written on it.

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