Time-Tested Classics Slot Games vs New Slots Features

Does history repeat itself? Simply put, the life span of things can be much longer than people could have ever imagined. Several modern slot machines are created on the basis of pioneer software and develop their best features, reaching adorable perfection. Understanding how tested this or that feature is will enable enthusiasts to choose an appropriate playing strategy and simply never get bored whenever they decide to play 777 slots in their leisure time. Let’s get it started!

What You Should Know About Online Slot Machines

These games are distinguished by their intuitive rules and interactive experiences. You don’t have to come through a complicated learning curve before you can be considered a pro gamer. However, getting familiarized with different categories of slots is a must-have strategy. The more varied and deep your knowledge is, the more confident and secure your real experience will become.

It is high time to define a pool of options that will match your preferences, objectives, and bankroll as perfectly as possible:

  • Classic slots — the minimum of paylines and winning combinations don’t make this game boring. Classics are always appreciated and highly evaluated. These three-reel slots usually present the most typical variety of themes, including gems and fruit genres.
  • Video slots — unlike the previous type, this one is based on the five-reel interface, which increases the number of possible gambling scenarios. Such options provide more bonus features and advanced animations for interested parties.
  • Advanced slots — the next development stage is to increase the number of reels, which is done in this case. Six- and seven-reel slots aren’t included in the list of top-sought-after machines. Their grid takes some time to get accustomed to and requires extra effort to catch the required signs and symbols.
  • Progressive slots — what differentiates this version from others is its payout potential. If you are looking for skyrocketing jackpots, this is the best choice. Like other slots, the analyzed style is easy to play, and offers excellent in-game bonuses and extra rounds. The value of the top prize has an accumulative feature, so this information has to be double-checked regularly.
  • Megaways slots — the unique feature this service is distinguished with is its number of paylines. Unlike traditional solutions with rather average winning combinations, the specialized random reel modifier is developed to maintain and operate hundreds and thousands of paylines.
  • Virtual Reality — the appliance of modern technology definitely drives the gambling market to tremendous success. In this case, punters are more immersed in the playing session. This method has already become the next version of traditional video games, which combines the benefits of digital gambling and land-based establishments. One day, when you desire to play 777 slots, you will also be able to have a coffee (or any other drink) at the casino’s virtual bar and enjoy their unbelievable vibes.

Contemporary Slot Machine Functionality

Time-Tested Classics Slot Games vs New Slots Features

What makes a typical slots game great? Before you decide to play 777 slots and their alternative, you have to ensure what basics are a must. Please check the table below to analyze those features in detail.

PaylinesThe average beneficial number varies between 20-50 pay lines.
WildsSuch classic symbols are rarer these days, but they obviously add charming vibes to the interface. They appear on the reels and enhance winning chances.
Free spinsThis feature is more defined by the chosen establishment, but its presence changes a lot in terms of convenient and advantageous experience at any gambling website.
VolatilityIts subtypes are self-explanatory — low, medium, and high. This notion defines how often a game proceeds with paying rewards.
Return to PlayerThis data is present for any game, would it be free slots or real money options. The percentage allows interested parties to realize how profitable their potential playing investment can be — the amount of money that will be returned back in the long run.
Gamble gameThis feature allows punters to change the stake after any victorious spin.

Thanks to the advancement of modern technologies and the ever-increasing popularity of the gambling market in general, innovations are more than welcome. It should come as no surprise that modern abilities can be presented in a creative understanding of standard solutions and approaches. Let’s check it out on the sample of these tools to make new slots appealing and supremely adventurous:

  • Win boosters — the main goal of these tools is to increase your winning chances, showing other signs after the first spinning trial is finished. In practice, that is most commonly realized by nudges and respins. The opposite yet the functional method is multiplication, increasing your received prize by its doubling, tripling, and even more. If the reels are nudging, an additional row of signs will be introduced in order to offer more victories. A similar boosting technique is present in avalanche-based slots. This term is applied to describe scenarios when successful symbols are replaced with new signs. Overall, win boosters make simple slots as interactive and unexpected as possible.
  • Bonus rounds — slots aren’t based on constant spinning only. In this case, such entertainment tools resemble multi-level arcade software in their nature. During this extra round, engaged players are offered to make additional free spins or participate in extra activities. For instance, the latter approach is known for providing several multipliers, jackpot bonuses, random payouts, the ability to choose a prize out of the list, and much more.


At the end of the day, it is impossible to determine who the winner of this so-called competition is — time-tested classics or innovative modern tools. It is up to each and every player to decide. What is sure, their combination can be absolutely mind-blowing. The right suite of functions creates new gambling paths for people who have tried to play 777 slots and other solutions. Just check it out!

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