TikTok is the most influential social media platform in the Coron crisis

Why is Tik Tok the winner during the pandemic?

“Tik Tok” turned with the crisis into the most popular application in all the countries, and some art stars used it on social media platforms.

The conditions of social distancing and staying at home in response to doctors ’instructions to avoid the outbreak of the Corona virus showed the strong impact of TikTok applications.

And it seemed clear that this application had turned with the crisis into the most popular applications in the whole world, especially after some art stars and public figures used it on social media platforms.

The application was the fastest growing in the world and also became the largest social platform for music and video in the world. According to “Wikipedia“, the application was the most installed in the first quarter of 2018 with 45.8 million installs, likely to exceed 80 million in 2020!

It is true that more than 41% of people using Tik Tok are between 16 and 24 years old, but these statistics and ages had completely changed in 2020.

Marketers and TikTok promotions.

No wonder that, as a fact of -TikTok being the most preferable web- many marketers are using it to promote their work and reach as many numbers as desired. No doubt, TikTok promotion help people and companies to advertise their work or product

Tik Tok “was widespread throughout the past year 2019 … but its effect was limited to young people only … and a platform that has confirmed most research that Tik Tok itself has announced that its videos have been watched all over the world this year, and it jumped to 4.7 billion views, but we did not.  We notice this spread, of course, only after a large group of artists joined it.

Celebrities using TikTok to deliver messages to their followers.

It is believed that after many activities, events and gatherings have stopped due to the Coronavirus, many artists and singers have turned to this application for several reasons, including being on one of the social media windows, which is a necessity for the stars, as well as trying to reach different groups and types of the audience that are only present in Tik Tok. Users often look for TikTok growth services to get massive engagement. Finally, this platform provides a large financial income when the number of views on a single video increases.

Researchers reveal a surprising fact!

Some researchers in this field said that the rise of “Tik Tok” is linked to the “underdog” segment, which has no one to address or interact with the interests of its representatives and their culture that they gained from following social media and “YouTubers” and such people have created a parallel, but entertaining media.

And given that the general climate that the members of this generation lived in during the time of rapid stardom, the phenomena of festivals, and the media’s celebration of “affection and trend” helped to activate a social media medium that uses simple tools and ready-made templates for the entertainment industry, which means that we are facing a consumer pattern that interacts with conditions of prohibition and social distancing  At a time when everyone wants to announce himself.  At the same time, this platform provides its activists with opportunities for stardom and financial profit.

Another issue that some researchers reveal is that young people deal with “Tik Tok” to avoid theorizing and ready-made ideas, as there are no dictations of any kind … and the use of ease and simplicity in use and imposing the style that they choose and not the pattern imposed on them, the “Tik Tok” platform breaks the pattern  And expectations.

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