Things to Remember When Investing in LED Light Fixtures

Investing in industrial lighting fixtures are one of the trickiest areas for most organizations. This is because besides factoring in the efficiency, visibility and utility of the fixtures, organizations also need to factor in the costs it would incur. Usually, conventional industrial lighting are known to have incurred high electricity bills. Interestingly, LED lights have proved to be a major game changer in the industry.

LED lights, and bay lights in particular have proved to be one of the most versatile lighting solutions and their cost efficiency and functionality have proved to be impeccable.  From warehouses, to malls to stadiums, they can be used literally anywhere easily. Ironically, while their versatility and functionality makes them an ideal pick, their diversity makes it very confusing for most customers. High Bay LED lights are available in various options as far as shapes, sizes, watts and lumens are concerned. There is no one size fits all rule here therefore, it is very important that you know what type of fixtures would be best for you. These tips will help you choose the right fixtures for your industrial and commercial needs.

Determine the Layout

The first thing you need to figure out is the layout of your space. The space where you will be using the lighting fixtures will effect a lot of decisions such as the type of light, the shape, numbers and even the brightness levels. The requirement of a shop’s warehouse would be different from that of a football stadium. A large rectangular space might have a different requirement than that of a round shaped space. Some professional lighting solutions dealers such as https://www.lepro.com/led-bay-light also provide a photometric of our floor plan and a mock lighting layout to give you a better idea of what needs to be done.

Determine the Energy Requirement

 The energy requirement of your space that needs to be lit with these high bay LED lights are determined in lumens and watts. Watts determine how much energy will be consumed by a bulb while lumens define how bright it is going to be. Your requirement of lumens greatly depend ib the length and height of your space. This decision will also have a direct impact on your lighting costs so you need to find an efficient combination of lumens and watts. For example a 150w LED UFO High Bay Light will have a cheaper lighting costs than a higher watts LED fixture.

Determine the Number of Lights Required

The number of lights that you will be needing depend on the overall size of the space you are trying to illuminate. It also depends whether the area is outdoor or indoor. For example a set of floodlights for a stadium might require a higher number of lights than an office space. Installing too many lights can not only have your pocket but can also be uncomfortable for people. Likewise, too little lights would mean poor brightness and visibility.

Determine the Type of Lighting Fixtures

Typically, there are two different types of high bay lighting fixtures that are commonly used: Linear and UFO shaped fixtures. Linear lights have the capacity to hold large numbers of bulbs in a single fixture and therefore they are ideal for larger spaces. On the other hand, UFO styled lighting fixtures have a very sleek design and you may opt for them if would like to cover a smaller area or would want it to be more aesthetically appealing.

Determine the Color Temperature

Color temperature play a key role in determining the functionality and utility of your workspace. Color temperatures of your lighting are evaluated on a kelvin scale. The higher the number on Kelvin Scale, the warmer your light will be. Likewise if the number on the Kelvin sector is on the lesser side, it means you will have cooler whiter right. Th fixtures should not have lighting that is wither too dim or too bright. Harsh lights of more than 5500K can leave your employees with discomfort and headaches. Likewise too dim lights can create visibility issues.

Ask a Professional If you are still confused about what type of fixture you might need, feel free to ask a professional. It is better to invest in research so that you buy the right product rather than losing money on a wrong one.

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