Things To Know About The TAG Heuer Watch Brand

It was in 1860 when Edouard Heuer started his own watch company in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland. After opening his own watch company, he started creating unique mechanisms, and some of the mechanisms he created are still functioning in many kinds of wristwatches that are mechanical.

TAG Heuer was famous for creating their chronographs used in dashboard clocks used for planes and cars. It was until 1914 when they first created a chronograph for the wrist. Now TAG Heuer is known internationally for creating exceptional timepieces.

Creating and perfecting timepieces for more than 136 years.

Tag Heuer started their company in 1882. Edouard Heuer started to launch his first-ever chronograph in 1887; he then registered his own patent for the oscillating pinion. The chronographs are simplified, and it was not too technical. From then on, the TAG Heuer is known to many for creating and perfecting their timepieces.

Served as the first stopwatch in the 1920 Olympic Games.

Charles-Auguste Heuer first introduced the Mikrograph in 1916; It was the first stopwatch to measure a capacity of 1/100th seconds; it also offers users unprecedented precision and amazing readability. The first-ever stopwatch to be used for the Olympic Games is the Mikrograph, which revolutionizes sports timekeeping.

The stopwatch is worn to orbit the Earth.

The General Public saw the Heuer 2915A stopwatch on astronaut John Glenn’s wrist in 1962; He was the astronaut on the first American space flight going to the Mercury. The mission was called “Friendship 7”, which will orbit the Earth three times in six hours. It was the first swiss watch in space, and it served as the back-up timer for the mission.

The inspiration of the signature model Carrera

The Carrera Panamericana auto race is known to have a 2096 mile long border to border race across Mexico. This race comes with the highest mortality rate after 27 racers died in an attempt to finish the racecourse.

Steve McQueen Wearing a TAG Heuer Watch

In 1970 there was a famous film known as “Le Mans,” In the film, the actor Steve McQueen was seen wearing a timepiece known to be close to automobile racing; the timepiece was known to be the Heuer Monaco. This watch comes with a Chronograph Heuer. Since then, the clock was tagged as “McQueen Monaco.”

Revolution watchmaker of the year comes from the TAG Heuer.

The TAG Heuer general director known as Guy Semon is known to be the mind behind the watchmaker’s technical achievements because of this award; he was then awarded the watchmaker’s prestigious honor in 2017. Although Semon is not a watchmaker, he is still excellent in watchmaking.

It is known to be the first-ever water-resistant for an automatic chronograph.

On the 3rd of March 1969, the brand TAG Heuer introduced their first-ever water-resistant used for automatic chronographs, which is known to be powered with the Caliber 11 that is Chronomatic. It took the TAG Heuer watchmakers four years for them to complete the development of the Caliber 11.

Four Generations of the Heuer family own the TAG, Heuer.

The great-grandson of the founder Edouard Heuer, Jack Heuer, was known to retire from his position at the age of 81. It was on his birthday on the 18th of November 2013. He then inaugurated Jean-Claude Biver as his TAG Heuer head. General Public knew Jack to have established clocks that are significant visions around the world.

The Carrera

In 1964 the TAG Heuer introduced their Carrera to commemorate the Carrera Panamericana, a road race held in Mexico. It was known to be the first chronograph at that time to measure car racing times. Since it was released on the market, the Carrera has several versions of dial designs and sizes.


The collection Aquaracer was introduced in 2003. It was known to be a watch for divers. Even though these timepieces are for professional divers, many from the general public still avail of this collection. Some of the Aquaracer come with a Calibre S select mechanical chronograph movement, but some also come with quartz.

Are they worth the price?

Definitely, the TAG Heuer is known for more than a hundred decades for creating timepieces that are high quality and luxurious. Every penny you will spend for their collections is worth it, and for sure, they won’t let you down.


It is really best to know the brand’s history by knowing this simple information; you will know how great the quality one brand offers for its customers. You will also know how much value the timepieces they offer, like the TAG Heuer watchmakers.

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