The Reasons Of Opting The Test Automation Route

Any company who is developing a product needs to have a test process in place. This works out to be a vital aspect about the phase of product development. Just having a testing system is not important, how we end up running such tests works out to be vital.

Certain companies prefer the option of manual testing, though it does not work out to be an ideal approach. Another step that you may adopt is  automate the testing procedure when there are a series of tests in place. At all levels manual testing is to be minimized. Test automation is going to enhance   the overall software development efficiency and sets the stage for robust tools to be developed. Before we proceed ahead, let us dig deep and understand the benefits of automation

The feedback cycle is faster

If there is no test automation, the feedback for some newly developed features is going to take some time. By test automation it is known to reduce the feedback cycle and brings numerous phases for validation in the product development. It enables you to detect bugs or loopholes during the phase of development enhancing team efficiency.

Saves time

When you automate the test procedure, there is less time that you spend of validating the newly developed features. Even it is going to reduce communication with other departments or product owners who tend to rely on the specimens of this tests. It is possible for a department to be checking the log of such tests and have an understanding on how things are happening.

Reduction of business expenses

When you are relying on the use of an automated testing environment, the company is going to save money as less resources are spent on the development of the product. The logic behind this is that you should not be undertaking any form of manual testing. In due course of a project it may have a major impact. Yes installation of an automated system is going to take time along with resources but they may assist you in formulation of a stable testing environment.

Superior test coverage

Manual testing provides a cap on the number of tests you may undertake. The process of automation would allow you to spend time in developing newer form of tests and then incorporate them to your automated product suite. It is going to increase the test coverage when it comes to your product so a lot of features are being tested in a high application environment.  It is even going to allow the developers to be writing in depth tests. A lengthy test is often avoided during the manual process of testing which is left unattended.

A faster time to reach the market

The fact is newly developed features continues to be automated and with test automation stands to be validated. It is going to reduce the feedback along with the testing cycle as the companies would be able to bring the products faster on to the market.

Quality insights

Automated testing is a lot better than manual testing when some of the tests fail to yield the desired results. It is not only going to provide insights into an application but showcases numerous memory contents, data tables etc.  This gives an idea to the developers why certain things are wrong.

In a concise manner an automated testing provides new features. An example would be stimulating numerous virtual users with the aid of a web application so as to have an idea on how an application is behaving. Such features saves a lot of time for the developers.

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