The Nature of Product Discovery

The concept of the product is not ready-made. This is something that must be developed as a result of detailed research and analysis. Only an approach that involves asking the right questions and obtaining the right answers is likely to bring a satisfactory result. The principle applies to many industries, including IT and the area related to the development of digital products.

How To Obtain the Overall Picture

The first step towards obtaining a vision of what the designed product is to be is to obtain the overall picture. A general vision of the costs of the tasks performed or the market potential of the product should precede any considerations about the details. Only if you manage to achieve a coherent vision with a high level of generality, you can delve into details. A phase known as Discovery Workshops is helpful in achieving success at this stage. As its name suggests, such an undertaking aims to discover the potential of the product as a result of team conversations and sharing thoughts.

Developing a Detailed Strategy

Once you have the overall vision, you need to develop a more detailed strategy. This stage is less of a creative process and more of an analytical approach. It involves both looking at the financial aspects of the project and asking questions about the tools that will be needed to achieve the goals. The product development strategy includes both purely technical activities as well as those focused on management or marketing. In other words, the point is to ensure that a given product receives the greatest care possible, which will guarantee successful development.

The Characteristics of UX Audit

While designing the product itself, there are many important issues that need to be paid attention to. Among them, it is worth paying special attention to UX – User Experience. This is a design element that is of exceptional importance not only for those involved in production, but also for users. The design of the product and the graphical arrangement of the elements appearing on the screen significantly affect the satisfaction of using a given application or program. UX Audit is used to capture all places that require improvement and errors that need to be removed. It is a process for the overall development of the product and developing it in such a way that it meets the demand as closely as possible.

Optimizing the Product with Analytics Audit

However, not only the UX aspects of the product being developed are subject to audit. Analytics Audit also collates larger amounts of data to optimize the product. This is a broad field that helps you get a detailed picture of how a product performs in terms of numbers. Combined with UX Audit, it creates a set of tools needed to increase awareness of the nature of a given application or program. To find out more, visit:

Pitch Deck

Of course, for a product to be successful, it is not enough for it to be professional and refined in itself. You also need to be able to talk about it in an interesting and engaging way. What can help create a positive image of the product and convince shareholders, sponsors and investors to buy it is the so-called Pitch Deck. This is a presentation method aimed at highlighting the most important and attractive features of the project. It is based on a well-refined, coherent narrative that is designed to create a promising vision and engage listeners in it. To sum up, a good product is a well-planned product whose most important capabilities are discovered already at the strategy development stage, and then it will be properly analyzed and presented.

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