The Impact of New Media on Big Brand Advertising and Marketing

Times have really changed.  We are now living in a world of constant unpredictability. We wake up every day to new trends. Populations are booming. There is an overly looming and threatening pandemic. Technology is improving and marketers and brands are forced to adapt or get out of the marketplace altogether.

The web is now the primary starting point for communicating, networking, transacting, research, and many other tasks. For this reason, big and small brands have shifted their focus and are now developing a complete web presence for advertising and marketing their products and services.

In essence, new media tools such as websites and website content, social media networks, online videos and forums, and content aggregators have become the new avenues for brands to build clientele and reach new prospects. In many cases, these new media channels have overshadowed the traditional forms of marketing we used to know such as newspapers, flyers, and direct mail.

If you want your brand to go to the next level, you must come up with a sense of purpose that your audience can connect to. This is why brand purpose is so important today in marketing and advertising. Working with New York’s top advertising agencies such as StrawberryFrog, can help you find your North Star, and ultimately, forge a real connection with your customers for many years to come.

Customers generally use the web to search for brands because they need to buy something; a new perfume, face lotion, or office furniture. If they find a brand that gives them everything they need and nothing more, chances are those customers will not think about that brand anymore.

However, if the brand gives them everything they need while informing them that they have a bigger mission for the world and by buying their products, customers help to support that mission, the brand will most likely develop a lasting positive association.

What Exactly Is Brand Purpose? 

Brand purpose is a specific strategy that falls under the umbrella of marketing and advertising. It can simply be defined as the reason your brand exists beyond making profits. It is commonly referred to as the North Star or the noble purpose of your business. At the intersection of your brand’s authentic reason for being in existence and the unmet human needs that it can fulfill in the marketplace, there lies your brand’s purpose.

What Makes Brand Purpose Very Important?

The truth is, customers love it. New-age customers are not just looking for the best value for money available anymore. With the market flooded with so many similar products, a brand’s purpose is what will differentiate it and build brand loyalty.

How Has It Impacted Big Brand Advertising and Marketing?

Thanks to new media channels, there has been an increased expectation of big brands to do more than just sell products and services. More and more customers are now inclined and prefer brands that are positively impacting society in general. In order to match up with the evolving needs of target markets, big brands are engaging in partnerships that foster social responsibility efforts. According to, 75% of customers from all over the world expect brands to contribute to the well-being of society. Millennials especially prefer buying from brands that drive environmental and social change. While it’s true that advertising is rooted in strategy and brand essence, new-age media has inspired brands to bring out greater purpose in their marketing campaigns.

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