The Future of Canadian Online Casinos: What to Expect From Current Casino Trends in 2021

Canadian online casinos look to have a bright future ahead of them, largely thanks to quickly developing technologies and shifting consumer behaviour. Casino trends set to benefit the future of online casinos in Canada are the same trends that initially saw development for use in other sectors, such as video gaming and fintech. And the main driver of shifts in consumer behaviour has been a growing awareness of the benefits of minimized physical contact with others.

In this article, Author Michelle Thomas discusses the prevailing casino games trends that are rocking the boat for the online casino industry. Thomas is a Casino Canada expert on online casino developments; check out her profile for more.

The casino trends discussed below are already having numerous effects on the industry, as evidenced by developments such as free spins no deposit casinos offering, new payment options, and new ways for players to enjoy their favourite games. Read on to find out more.

Growing Adoption of Blockchain Technology

When cryptocurrencies first hit the market, their main draw was the anonymity they provided. Cryptocurrencies were mainly used to carry out transactions between individuals; being able to use them to make payments at major online establishments was unheard of. However, cryptocurrency’s anonymity created an equal necessity for security measures to ensure the integrity of the system; because of this, cryptocurrencies are now one of the most secure payment methods available.

The ease of use and security of the blockchain has led many Canadian businesses, including online casinos, to begin accepting payments of Bitcoin, as well as other well-known cryptocurrencies. At the same time, online casinos have begun allowing their players to collect their winnings directly as crypto. Because the blockchain makes cryptocurrencies a fast and anonymous way to transfer funds with little to no fees, cryptocurrencies are an ideal payment method for online casinos.

Increasing Use of Augmented and Virtual Reality Technologies

Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) are two casino games trends that, while similar, are seeing different levels of adoption by the casino industry. Of the two, AR is far easier to implement since it can make use of already common technologies like cellphones and tablets. On the other hand, VR has a much greater potential for offering immersive experiences, but it relies on the use of specialized technologies, like VR headsets and haptic interfaces.

The differences between the applications of AR and VR for online gambling can be illustrated with existing casino trends. One of the most popular casino trends in 2021 is the increasing frequency of live streaming dealers. As an application of AR, players would be able to experience a dealer’s live stream as if the dealer and other players were with them in their own homes. By contrast, VR players would instead experience the same dealer live stream as though they were at an actual casino.

More Support for Mobile Gaming

The focus on mobile gaming is unsurprising for anyone who’s used a smartphone. Mobile technology offers players a way to keep playing when they’re on the go or even from the comfort of bed; you don’t even need to sit up. For online casinos, mobile gaming is a perfect way to keep players playing. So one of the main casino games trends we’re seeing is an investment by online casinos and developers to develop phone applications and mobile-compatible websites.

In the end, with players more involved than ever thanks to increased accessibility, these mobile gaming developments greatly benefit both players and casinos.

The New Normal

Even before capacity and travel restrictions came into play in 2020, there were indicators that consumers were becoming warier of large physical gatherings as far back as the 2017 Las Vegas incident. Even after the current global crisis has passed, it’s predicted that behaviours consumers have learned will not revert, and physical, brick-and-mortar businesses will see a permanent reduction in their patronage.

What this means for casinos is that the investments they are making in their online fronts, given casino trends in 2021, will continue to offer benefits to both players and casino operators, well after the global crisis has passed.

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