The Fantastic Facts About Online Games!

Over the last decades the popularity of online casinos has increased hugely turning the industry into one of the most profitable in the world.

One amazing fact, you probably didn’t know, is that 26% of the world population likes to gamble; this means 1.6 billion people! Moreover, 4.2 billion people gamble at least once a year. Those numbers are really impressive!

Online gambling is a fun activity that allows people to escape (at least for a moment) from their problems and boredom. Let’s take a look at some fantastic facts about online games.

# Most players are males

It is a fact that most online casino gamblers are men; according to the annual statistics over 80% of the online gambling community is male. Such statistics include all forms of online gambling. Another curious fact is that most of those men are over the age of 30, which is a good thing, since (according to statistics) gambling addiction happens more frequently in younger gamblers.

# Devil’s game

Did you know that roulette is nicknamed the devil’s game? This nickname was given because if you sum up all the numbers shown on the wheel you will obtain the number 666 as a result; and as you will probably know, this number is also known as the number of the beast. However online roulette is statistically one of the favorite games for gamblers since it offers good odds depending on the type of bet placed (if you bet on black or red, you have 50% chances of winning.

# Online casinos are old

It is true that online casinos became viral over the last decade, and that their popularity increased enormously in the last five years; however, online casinos are almost as old as the internet as we used it in 1991. A big online gaming provider launched, in 1994, a site called “The Gaming Club”. Of course, nowadays graphics and gameplay have improved hand in hand with technology, up to the point where virtual reality is conquering the world of online gaming.

# Winning is a possibility

Most people don’t believe it is actually possible to win money at an online casino. Yes, it is true it is no easy task, and that most people don’t make much profit, especially when trying to beat the casino at a baccarat online real money table or other similar game. However, jackpots are very real, and they are won much more often than you think. The record payout by an online casino was over 13 million pounds. Play online baccarat for real money is not only fun, but can also be good business.

# Slots!

Nowadays over 90% of slot gambling takes place on the internet. Yes, you can still find slot machines around somewhere, but they are losing the contest against online slots. Additionally, they are the most popular game of the online casinos, maybe because there aren’t many rules to learn like in poker or blackjack, and you can play without having to put too much thought on it, especially after a long day at work. Whatever the reason, slots are definitely the game of choice of most gamblers.

# Only online gambling

Some countries only allow online gambling since land-based casinos are prohibited and you can be arrested and fined if they find you gambling in person. This is the case of Monaco, as an example, which only allows online gambling.

# Totally prohibited

In some countries gambling is completely banned; both land-based and online casinos are totally forbidden. In most cases this is due to religious and moral reasons. Such is the case of Singapore, Cambodia, Qatar, North Korea, Lebanon, and the United Arab Emirates.

# Sometimes it goes wrong

Sometimes software fails, and as it has happened at land-based casinos, there were times that some players have encountered such problems. In Italy, a player bet $18 and won $650,000, however the casino refused to pay arguing it was a technical glitch. The player took the casino to court, but the court ruled in favor of the casino since they had clarified that in case of a software error the winnings wouldn´t be granted.

Therefore, the player lost the case and went home with no winnings and having to pay for the lawyers. Of course, these are not events that happen every day, but sometimes it does. Software errors are a fact!

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