The Cannabis-Gaming Connection

If you want to know what cannabis-gaming has to offer, you’re in the right place. This article will take you through some of the games that feature cannabis, as well as the connection between gaming, growing cheap pot seeds and everything about marijuana. This article will highlight games like Hawaiian Diesel, Pot Farm, and Weedcraft Inc., as well as Rocket League. You’ll also learn about the new laws that affect marijuana businesses and cannabis users.

Pot Farm

The cannabis-gaming connection dates back to 2002, when Canada legalized medical marijuana. Since then, several gaming companies have sprung up specializing in cannabis-focused titles. Some of these include Hempire, Bud Farm, and Pot Farm from Vancouver-based East Side Games. These games take cannabis as a primary ingredient in a variety of products. Moreover, they often involve a marijuana-themed environment and feature various aspects of the cannabis subculture, such as weed-growing equipment, edibles, and oils.

Hawaiian Diesel

If you are interested in the potential benefits of cannabis, you should know about Hawaiian Diesel. This strain has an energetic high that will allow you to take on your day with gusto. Although Hawaiian Diesel has an indica heritage, it is a true sativa and offers its users a social, upbeat, and focused feeling. Its flavor profile is reminiscent of tropical fruit, with hints of pine and citrus.

Weedcraft Inc.

Weedcraft Inc. is a business simulation game where you grow weed and sell it to customers. The game emphasizes cultivating and cutting different types of plants, and there are tons of micromanagement tasks to complete. In addition to weed, you’ll also cultivate various other plants, including cannabis. You can sell your products for a profit by selling them in a thriving market. But be careful about what you do, because Weedcraft Inc. can be a cynical game and will have you making more money than you intended.

Rocket League

If you love soccer, you may be interested in the marijuana-gaming connection in Rocket League. This popular game involves racing and driving around an arena and attempting to score goals with a rocket-powered ball. This new collaboration between cannabis and video games aims to bring people closer together and has even helped some fans grow communities. Cannabis and video games are not mutually exclusive, and marijuana is perfectly legal in the United States.

Pineapple Express

The cannabis-gaming connection may be more than just a coincidence, but the movie and the strain are indeed linked. Pineapple Express is a hybrid strain whose name is inspired by both the movie and the Hawaiian-type strain. Its THC content is variable, but the strain’s CBD content makes it useful for easing general aches and pains. Its sweet, tropical aroma evokes memories of pineapples and its effect is long-lasting.

Weed Farm: Grass Roots

The Weed Farm: Grassroots cannabis-gaming connection can be summed up in two words: farming and weed. Growing cannabis is a fascinating process, which involves the use of different contraptions. When the harvesting process is complete, you can then buy new strains from other players’ dispensaries. This connection allows you to play alongside your real-world friends while you learn about cannabis culture.

ESRB ruling on games featuring cannabis

Gaming critics have long been concerned about the depiction of cannabis in video games. During the ’90s, cannabis was still seen as a taboo substance. It was so taboo that FBI messages would run on arcade games. But as tolerance towards cannabis grew, more developers began to explore the possibility of creating games that featured cannabis. The result was a new wave of games that feature marijuana.

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