The betting tools people must be aware of before they start wagering

Every online bettor wants to be as successful as possible. As a result, people often read guides and reviews and use other things that help them improve their results. Speaking of improvements, people can use these convenient betting tools before making a bet because they will allow them to be more precise.

Not all betting tools are worth it, but there are specific options that definitely stand out. Some iGaming fans already know about them, but others are yet to put them to the test. That said, this article will share all of the information you have to know about the hottest betting tools.

Why do you need betting tools?

People need to use betting tools because they allow them to be more precise in what they’re doing. Some options are way more popular than others, but almost everything will provide you with useful information.

The best thing about online betting tools is that they are free. There might be a couple of options that are paid, but it is not worth using them because the free ones are more than enough, even for experienced iGaming fans.

With that said, here are some popular betting tools you must try out once you start punting.

The odds converter

One of the advantages of using an online bookie is related to the odds. The best brands in the world will provide punters with competitive odds and let them use all kinds of formats. As a result, gamblers from different parts of the globe can use the odds format popular in their country.

Although having access to a couple of odds formats is a plus for most people, it could be a con because some gamblers may not find the options they want. That’s the reason why there are things such as the odds converter. This option allows people to enter the odds in a given format and choose another one. After doing this, the converter will reveal the odds for the specific format.

In addition to the standard converter, some iGaming sites even have something known as a “odds table”. The latter contains an example of the most popular odds and allows you to convert them yourself.

The margin calculator

Although some people appreciate this option and use it daily, others do not realize the importance of having a margin calculator. The latter allows everyone to compare different sports betting websites and choose the operator that has the lowest margins. Doing this will allow punters to maximize their potential winnings because bookies with higher margins will take a bigger cut.

One of the important things to remember about the margin calculator is that it is not always free to use. Some sites will allow you to test for free, but others may have a small fee. 

Arbitrage Calculator

Everyone interested in sports betting tools will eventually come across the arbitrage calculator. Arbing, as it is often called, is a technique used by online bettors who want to maximize their winnings. To take advantage of it, you (usually) have to use a couple of online betting websites and bet on every possible outcome for a single event. For example, you can use three bookies and bet on 1, x, and 2, in a given football match. The idea is that you bet on odds that will allow you to win no matter the outcome.

Even though arbitrage betting is not allowed on most sites, some platforms let people take advantage of it. Consequently, users interested in betting on the Super Bowl or other sports events also have access to an arbitrage calculator. Similar to the other options, this one will only require you to enter the specific information and see your potential winnings.

Asian handicap calculators

Online sports betting allows people to use all kinds of markets and the Asian handicap is among them. Punters usually like those things because they allow them to have access to higher odds and bet on football.

Unsurprisingly, this market is not that easy to understand, which is why some bettors use unique calculators. Aside from predicting their potential winnings, those things also show them other important data, such as how likely it is to win and what to pay attention to.

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