The Best Time To Play Online Games

When do you like to play? What time of day do you prefer? Maybe you challenge fortune on certain days of the week? Or do you have other selection criteria? Do you think this parameter affects the probability of success in gambling?

Can casinos pay more often or more during certain periods? Are there winning and losing cycles? As you can see, this topic makes a lot of questions. They were not born in our fantasies. They are asked by readers.

Let’s figure out what to consider when choosing the time to play for money in a casino.

When is the best time to play?

Let’s highlight aspects that should (or should not) be taken into account when choosing the most profitable time to play for real money in an online casino.

Current promos

Some promotions are held in online casinos at certain times. If they really give at least a slight advantage, they are worth using.

Consider the options found in online gambling:

  • Seasonal draws – this maybe New Year’s lotteries, prizes in honor of the anniversary of the site, promotions for “Black Friday” and others. In such periods, playing is more profitable.
  • Regular promotions – they mean reload bonuses on certain days of the week, no deposit, an increased number of loyalty program components, a growing cashback, and so on. If they are being offered on an ongoing basis, of course, at this time it may be more profitable to play for real money in online casinos.
  • Free birthday bonus – if the institution gives the customer no deposit, for this reason, it should be used. It’s not a fact that you will be able to win back the bonus, but you do not risk anything. Of course, this is a good time to play slots, play free slots in Australia or poker in the USA.
  • There are also other options of this type.

Free tournaments

Tournaments without deposits provide many online casinos. This is a tempting offer, but not all such events are truly beneficial to the client.

Imagine the situation:

  • You have to play for your money.
  • The tournament involves slots with a low RTP.
  • The winner is determined by the amount of bets or payouts.
  • You have dozens or even hundreds of competitors.
  • There are not so many prize positions.
  • You are not ready to play very high bets.

What are the chances to win? It will be difficult for you to get among the winners, but the probability of losing part of the bankroll is quite high.

But overall, free online casino tournaments can be really profitable and useful. Just do not forget to read the rules carefully and look at the pros and cons.

Number of players

Many fans of online gambling believe that with a large influx of customers online casinos can reduce the theoretical return on slots or in other ways reduce the chances of players winning.

We repeat:

We cannot vouch for all operators, but honest casinos with licenses of reputable regulators will not engage in such frauds.

Moreover, the largest developers of software for online gambling do not allow website owners to change RTP indicators in slot machines.

Accordingly, the number of active players should hardly be taken into account when choosing the best time to visit the casino.

Game cycles of slots

According to another popular belief, slot machines adhere to alternating cycles. During one phase, they take money from customers, almost without charging payments, and during the other, they begin to issue combinations.

It should be said that licensed video slots of well-known brands work on random number generators. Every second, RNGs give out a lot of numbers. When a player starts a spin, a certain combination of numbers that is active at a given moment is fixed. He depends on the result of the round. The generator has no memory. It does not program any cycles. In any case, software developers and representatives of independent audit organizations describe the principles of the RNG in this way.

If you have reason to not trust them, you should find some other gambling entertainment. According to official information from manufacturers, it makes no sense to try to determine winning slot cycles. It turns out that this factor should not be taken into account when searching for the best time to play in a casino.

But remember:

Fraudsters are constantly developing and improving methods of deceiving customers. They do not just give fake slots for the original software. There are cases when casino operators offer fake models with a shell from real slot machines. In the code, you will see a link to the developer’s server, but during the game, all requests go to extraneous sources. In a word, be vigilant and trust only truly reliable online casinos.

Slot statistics reset time

There is an opinion that at certain times statistics are reset on video slots. Some customers are trying to figure out when this happens in order to use this information for their own purposes. You may have met such a statement: “The closer the zeroing of the statistical data, the more the slot machine pays.”

The developers do not confirm this statement. They insist that the result of the slot depends on the RNG, which always works the same. Perhaps software providers are deceiving users or not talking about something. We have no reason not to trust the reputable manufacturers of games for online casinos, so we adhere to the official position.

Again, we are not talking about fake slots and scammers who offer customers games of dubious origin and quality.

Season and seasonality

The generosity of many gambling operators is directly related to the number of visitors and their activity. In winter, there are always more players, so it makes no sense to lure them with really profitable promotions. In the summer, sometimes you have to fight for each client, so they are lured by all possible means.

It is logical to assume that playing in online casinos is more profitable during the holiday season, but do not take this advice as a universal rule. You should study the sentences in each case. What is the result?

 At the end of the article, we summarize the above information about the best time to play for money.

Decent online casino operators do not change the RTP in the slots depending on the number of customers, time of day, or season. However, remember that some slot machines are indeed presented in versions with different theoretical return options. Moreover, the range can be quite wide.

The number of active players does not affect your chances of winning, but there may be exceptions in cases with some jackpots or in tournaments. The random number generator does not have memory, and the license slots do not have programmed winning and losing cycles. Casino promotions can indeed make certain periods more profitable for playing for real money.

Here we get some guidelines for timing. When is the best time to play in a casino?

  • When you are being offered a truly profitable bonus. It can be tempting no-deposit, reload bonus on good terms, free spins or some other promotions.
  • When you can take part in a tournament with an impressive prize pool and not very high competition. It can be a free event or a tournament with an entrance fee that suits you.
  • When the cumulative jackpot reaches the amount that makes the game mathematically profitable for the client.When you have free money. Surely you know that you should not play for money from the family budget or business. Also, you can never play a loan. There are extra bucks and there is a desire to take a chance? May Fortune be with you!
  • When you are in a good mood and feel good. Play when you are healthy, fresh, and alert. It’s better for a sick, tired, and sad person to stay away from the casino.

In general, if you are not a professional player, strive to enjoy the process, but also do everything possible to achieve the maximum level of theoretical return.

Share tips when it’s more profitable to play in a casino. What time do you prefer? Do you believe in slot cycles? Do you think operators tweak RTP? Do you consider seasonal factors?

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