The best Casino Welcome Bonus Offers 2021


One of the things that makes online casinos stand out is the incentives that come along with using the site. Different casinos have a way they make users keep using their sites and how they get returning customers. The strategy is used to make betting more fun and worth it, like a form of positive reinforcement. One of such ways is the welcome bonus offers. In the following few paragraphs, you’ll know what welcome bonuses and what they do. 

What are welcome bonuses? 

Welcome bonuses are given to new players as a reward for signing up or creating an account at a casino. It is a first-time kind of bonus and a kind of reinforcement for the new player to become a returning one. A long-term casino/user relationship is often created in this situation. There are different types of welcome bonuses, including free spins, deposit bonuses, matched bets. Although they’re different, the one goal they serve is to gain a returning customer. 

The Best Types Of Welcome Bonus Offers. 

Usually, they’re of two types, the first being the 100% matched deposit bonus and the second 100% free spins and welcome bonus. 

●    100% Matched Deposit Bonus

When you hear of a matched deposit bonus, it has to do with depositing a certain amount of money online, and the casino matches that deposit with the bonus they’re offering. In cases of 100%, it means you’re getting double your deposit. Let’s say, for example, the minimum amount to deposit at a casino is €200. Adding a 100% matched deposit bonus to it will make it €400. That’s double, but for bonuses like this, there are wagering requirements. You need to be familiar with the terms and conditions are given and the time limits to claim your bonus. 

●    100% Welcome Bonus + Free Spins

This is almost the most common kind of welcome bonus you’ll find at casinos. Combining a bonus amount and free spins are often limited to certain games, most likely to be slot games. When you see a casino with something like €100 + 50 free spins, that’s the combo we’re talking about. In this regard, also make sure you check out the T&C’s of the game so that you’ll be familiar with the wagering requirements and percentages.

Different Casino Games With Free Welcome Offers

Play the following games if you’re looking for games with easy peasy welcome bonuses and little risks. Inclusive of wagering requirements that would be easy to meet is the Game’s RTP, so you could also check the RTP out to be sure of what you would play. Nonetheless, below are the types of games you can find in casinos with little risk. The percentages are not general anyways, as they vary according to casinos. 

  1. Live Blackjack Games – 10%
  2. Slot Games – 100%
  3. Live Roulette – 10%
  4. Table Games – 5%
  5. Live Casino Games – 10%


Welcome bonuses are the real deal at online casinos. You should not miss out on it for real. All you need to know about them have been explained in detail. Just look out for trustworthy casinos with any of these welcome bonuses, make a deposit, meet requirements, and claim your bonus. You may want to learn more about Casino Welcome Offers anyways, and that is also the right thing to do.

By George Hansen

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