Technology Makes Easier To Get A Prescription Refill Online

In recent years, teleconsultation is possible. Its operation is simple: via a platform or a site listing health professionals, you can, after seeing your attending physician, make an appointment with a practitioner and obtain a medical consultation. Now, for greater ease of use, some even offer iOS and Android applications to easily consult a doctor from their Smartphone. 

Your Prescription is Valid for a Limited Time

When you go to see your doctor and he considers it useful to prescribe medication, he will issue you a prescription. This is, in most cases, valid for one year. In addition, specific medications such as narcotics must be collected from your pharmacist within 3 days. As for prescriptions to perform medical activities such as a blood test or an X-ray, the validity differs enormously. Only your doctor will be able to give you the appropriate information.

What About Renewing a Prescription

Sometimes your doctor will mention that your prescription may be refillable. It, therefore, indicates on the original prescription: renewal of one month, two or three months. Rarely more because of the importance of medical monitoring. You have between one year and 18 months to go to your pharmacist and take the said medications. Beyond this period, it’s too late! Of course, if no renewal is mentioned, you owe it to yourself to return to your doctor.

QuickRxRefill – Get a Prescription Refill Online

To obtain a prescription renewal online, you must send your old prescription to a platform like QuickRxRefill, which can be reached here:, which will be analyzed by the doctor you consult online. Your doctor will then decide which medicines you need, at what dose, and for how long.

Teleconsultation makes it possible to accompany a patient throughout the medical consultation, at home, at the clinic, at the hospital, or in a doctor’s office. Thanks to the exchange of health information and through a secure line, they benefit from a medical consultation adapted to their case. By the way, on this online pharmacy here, a leader in online drug sales, it is possible to order drugs safely online.

Consultation on the Internet by a doctor, in order to obtain an online prescription, is available to any patient wishing to make a faster purchase. Teleconsultation is thus a common practice for the patient. It can thus prove to be a solution to relieve congestion in doctors and hospitals.

As regards online consultation, Internet users have at their disposal their own health space allowing them to record their radios or their analyzes. Online experts can thus analyze their symptoms and thus provide the appropriate advice. The medical response on the Internet helps reassure the patient. Indeed, additional explanations are provided when the consultation time is insufficient.

Example: the case of the non-prescription contraceptive pill

It is now possible to buy your contraceptive pill online by means of a new prescription by the specialist doctor of the site concerned. It is also possible to renew your prescription online in order to purchase the next pill. The contraceptive pill can be obtained without a prescription, but a prescription is required at the time of purchase, depending on the type of pill. The purchase is, most of the time, refunded. Whether it is to obtain a new prescription online or to renew a prescription, there are a few steps to follow.

The first phase consists of filling out the form proposed by the site in question. The required information concerning the patient’s health must be indicated. The case will then be examined by the doctor, who will use the analyzes to decide whether or not to issue the prescription. Those who have a smartphone can go to an online pharmacy with the software to have a prescription online. They will then download the app in question and then receive the photo of the prescribed prescription.

This will be shown to the pharmacist to collect the drugs. In the event of a renewal, the prescription numbers must be provided or the patient’s health record must be accessed online through the personal identification number. You must then select the pharmacy where the prescription is located, then set the desired day to buy the drugs.

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