Tech Hacks that will Boost the Performance of your Gaming PC

One of the biggest advantages of gaming on a PC is the fact that you can go back and play almost any game in history. With that being said, you do need to make sure that you continually maintain and improve your system. If you don’t, you may notice framerate issues as well as a worse gaming experience overall.

Enable System-Level Supersampling

A great way for you to improve the quality of the games you’re playing would be for you to enable supersampling. This renders a game at a higher resolution, but then shrinks it back down. In the process, the crispness and detail is still maintained.

This is great for older games as it lessens the appearance of jagged lines. If you play classic casino games, for example, this feature will benefit you quite a lot. If you find yourself playing older releases, such as Double Diamond 2000, play Bigger Bass Bonanza online instead for even bigger improvements, as the animations are more advanced. Plus, game publishers such as Pragmatic Play are continually releasing new titles, so you can upgrade your gaming experience, alongside your system over time.

System-Wide Anisotropic Filtering

This is a technique that improves the sharpness of objects that may be far away. It can have a huge impact on older games, but it also helps computers that struggle to render 3D complex environments. Most modern games will come with this option automatically enabled, but if you’re playing an older title, you may have to enable it manually.

Some modern systems give you the chance to toggle anisotropic filtering, as well as decide what system level you’d like to do this at. If you have an AMD card, find the graphic submenu within your AMD Radeon software download, and then go to Advanced. From there, enable Anisotropic Filtering, If you have a Nvidia graphics card, go onto Manage 3D Settings and then choose an option between 2X and 16X.

Centered Scaling

Some games use different ratios when compared to others. You may find that some appear stretched, or off-center. This is especially the case if you have a modern display. The key to fixing this would be for you to scale your game. Center scaling allows you to fit an image neatly in the space, so you do not end up losing fidelity. If you want to enable this feature, open the AMD Radeon software and then go under Scaling, before clicking Center.

For Nvidia, this option is within the Feature’s menu. Click on Image Scaling and choose the option you’d like from the drop-down. You can also adjust the slider if you’d like to make the image sharper, which will help to boost your game quite a lot if you’re struggling with edge blur.

By making the above adjustments, you should be able to make the most out of your gaming PC while making sure you’re not missing out by simply not adjusting the right settings. These tweaks have the potential to benefit any title, but work best for older games where quality is significantly reduced.

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