Streaming Live Football

The streaming of live football has come on leaps and bounds in recent years, as you would expect. This is due to the vast improvements in not just mobile technology, but also people’s ability to connect to 4G and 5G networks in more and more places. Betting websites such as OddsChecker changed the way football fans can bet on their favorite sport, not just with the free bets many sites offer, but also in terms of the ability to get involved with in-game betting.

So, can the same be said for the streaming of live football? Yes and no.

Major broadcasters

In principle, the streaming of football, the same as any other sporting event, is straightforward. A simple Google search will give you page upon page of options (If you are going to go down that route by the way, it is probably a good idea to invest in an ad blocker as well). The issue lies with which games you want to watch, where you are in the world, and if you have actually paid for a subscription to the broadcaster of the game you want to watch.

Being the most popular league in the world, as you would imagine the EPL has its broadcast rights and contracts sealed down. So, while it is certainly easy to stream the games, it largely depends where in the world you are. A VPN gets around the geographical issue, but that still does not get around the legal one.

Sky Sports and TNT (the new name for BT Sports), the two broadcasters who hold almost all the domestic rights to show live EPL matches in the UK, both offer streaming services, allowing customers to watch matches on the go. Those portals also come with features that enable customers to see highlights and goals from the games before they are shown on television.

Alternative options

There are other leagues in the world, of course and, as we have seen with its boxing coverage, YouTube is becoming more and more of a key player when it comes to sports streaming. All matches from the recent Under 19’s European Championships were streamed live and free on YouTube.

Amazon Prime is another huge player in the market that is aiming to disrupt the traditional broadcasters. Last season, they targeted specific weekend matches, and had all the midweek matches from the English top tier. They are likely to up their game next season. Outside the UK, the US has a growing appetite for the world’s most popular sport. ESPN offers streaming services not just for their domestic leagues, but also for foreign ones, including the EPL and other top European leagues.

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