Sports Betting With Crypto

The acclaim of sports betting (and esports betting too) is no secret to anyone. People love to bet on competitions for the thrill of it and the chance of winning more money than they invested. To follow such a trend and give more safety to bettors, new bookmakers started to deal with blockchain technology, allowing them to offer transactions through bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, EOS, etc. Crypto sports bookmakers are making many waves in the betting industry, and they are enticing lots of newcomers who didn’t feel safe to bet before.

Crypto betting offers to provide lots of benefits, leaving traditional bookmakers in the dust. Reasons for cryptocurrency betting to be so popular include:

quick transactions;

your data is always safe;

low exposure;

Profitable betting on Bitcoin and other advantages of the bookmaker

If you look up online, you will see that there are already plenty of bookies offering bitcoin sports betting. That wasn’t a reality about two or three years ago, but nowadays, you can easily bet using your preferred cryptocurrency.

One of the major advantages of betting on live sports with the best crypto cricket betting sites is that you don’t lose money on exchanges. There are no fees from credit cards, and there is no need to convert between currencies. The value of your money always remains the same.

Crypto Bookmakers

Some bitcoin sports betting sites offer promotions and create special offers from time to time. That is a way of bringing new clients every day. It welcomes those who already love cryptocurrency and those who are new to the idea. Still, offers and promotions bring people and make them aware of the real advantages of cryptocurrency.

When you bet or do any other activity on the internet, what you wish the most is privacy. By buying things with a credit card, your bank or credit card issuer gets informed of what you are doing. A lot of data gets created from that, and your privacy immediately disappears. Soon you start seeing ads based on your activities. That doesn’t happen when you use a cryptocurrency.

With privacy also comes security. To create an account at any crypto service, you don’t need to give away a lot of information. With less info shared to the services you are using, your account becomes less interesting for hackers. You become almost completely anonymous, if not fully. Nowadays, the ability to not compromise yourself on the internet is essential.

As for the advantages you will get by using crypto sports bookmakers over traditional ones, the first one is that the crypto sportsbook is faster. Some traditional bookies make you wait before you can withdraw funds. Crypto bookmakers let you withdraw as soon as you win.

There is no method of monetary transactions more fitting to online betting than cryptocurrencies. Live betting has become such an easy activity nowadays due to everyone’s having a phone in their hands. With the safety and fast money transferences of crypto, the two things become an undisputed match.

As it is easy to figure, each platform can choose a different type of currency. The most common is certainly BTC, but other less-known exist too. The technology itself is very reliable, so each site chooses different services for other technicalities. Today, one of the best crypto sport betting bookmakers is SportBet, and it uses the EOS blockchain.

At SportBet, you can bet on any sport you like, and if you win, you can transfer your winnings to an e-wallet. By winning in cryptocurrency on the website, you don’t lose money with taxes and fees. You can transfer your money to any online service you want without losses.

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