Solar Parking Lot Lights are Your Best Bet to Grow

Solar Parking Lot Lights are Your Best Bet to Grow

Solar energy is becoming immensely popular these days as people are searching for renewable sources of energy to reduce the burden on fossil fuels.  A lot of large business organizations are keen on using solar power but the case is not the same for small businesses as they cannot allot funds for it.

However, instead of spending thousands of dollars for solar roofing and the kind, businesses can turn to solar parking lot lights. This green alternative is not a major investment and has been around for quite some time now. Find out what the advantages of investing in solar parking lot lights are:

1. Reduce impact on the environment

As already said, the main aim of solar-powered technology is to reduce the impact on the environment. To reduce your carbon footprint, solar parking lot lights are definitely the best investment as they are completely eco-friendly.

2. Bring down the cost

After you make the initial investment in the lights, you will be able to witness lower energy bills and a reduced cost of maintenance. The installation cost of the solar-powered lights is less as you don’t have to spend money for electric wiring beneath surface.

Unlike conventional electric lights, there is low maintenance involved in solar lights. Since the lights don’t have a connection to the power grid, you won’t have to spend money in digging and fixing a broken line. Additionally, using solar lights will save the money you would otherwise spend on electricity bills.

3. Can be installed anywhere

While getting the solar parking lot lights installed, you don’t have to worry about the gas lines beneath the ground or the look of your parking lot. What is even better is that you can opt for portable lights when your business involves moving from one place to another, for example, food trucks.

4. Provide additional safety

Parking lots that are not well lit become scenes of crime and put the safety of employees and visitors at stake. Solar lights at the parking lot will function even when there is power shutdown as they are not connected to the power grid. This will keep miscreants away.

Also, solar lights have light sensors and will turn on as soon as the level of lighting is low. Thus, the lights get switched on by themselves without your intervention. A parking lot has to be nicely lit to ensure safety by providing a sufficient amount of light for the security cameras and solar lights serve this purpose really well.

What to Consider while Investing in Solar Parking Lot Lights?

There are plenty of options available in the market with regard to solar lights. Here are certain things that you must consider before getting them installed:

Minimum order quantity

Look for manufacturers who don’t have a minimum order quantity restriction. This is important for smaller businesses that want lights for a parking lot of smaller areas. If you need 5 lights, why should you be obligated to pay for 10? So, talk about the order quantity beforehand.

Type of Climate

Businesses operating in cold areas search for solar lights that can work well even in a cold climate. This point has to be considered before placing an order.

Warranty on the lights

Though replacing solar lights is easy, it is advised that you choose those that come with a warranty. Most of the OEMs offer a certain amount of warranty on the lights that they offer.


You must be quite familiar with the term ‘Watts’ but there is another measurement which is important and that is called ‘lumens’. Lumen is a measurement of the output of light.

A conventional light bulb at home provides a few hundred lumens but a solar parking lot light has to provide it in thousands because the light must travel to the ground level. Also, please remember that the light emitted by LED lights is not as much as the one you get from incandescent lights.

The positioning of the lights

The positioning of solar lights is important as they need to collect the rays of the sun. Also, their distance from the parking area is important because they tend to provide less light than conventional lights. You can seek the help of professionals to decide the positioning of the solar light.

So, these were the benefits of installing solar parking lot lights and the points to consider before investing in them. If you’re looking to purchase these parking lot lights, then you can visit here: https://www.luxmanlight.com/solar-parking-lot-lights/. In this online store, you can expect good solar lights with higher efficiency, durability, quality and a good price as well. Hope you found this article useful.

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