Slots in Indian online casinos: how do they work?

There are many providers in gambling, and the certainty that providers cannot cheat is evident because they cannot influence the sports results you bet on. Unfortunately, it is not the case with online slots and online casinos, so how do you know if the available games are honest?

Most online games have striking graphics and delightful bonus features of slot machines in India, for example, on the So, what determines whether you win or lose when you bet on a slot machine?

Slots in Indian online casinos: how do they work

Are slot machines rigged?

If you are a slot player, you probably know how volatile slot machines can be. Sometimes you keep winning no matter what game you play, but sometimes you can’t even get a single bonus and lose your balance within minutes. So it’s easy to think that slot machines are “rigged,” especially when you can’t win anything.

However, online slot machines are not rigged in any way. Instead, they are based on what is known as a random number generator, an algorithm that ensures that every game round is completely random. It means that every time you press the spin button, you get a completely unexpected result. All “spins” are also played independently of each other, regardless of whether you’ve won or lost in previous rounds.

But how do you know that this algorithm works and does its job? The answer is that online slot companies must be licensed and strictly regulated. An independent third party must test all games before they become publicly available. For this reason, you can be sure that you are not playing an unreliable match, at least as long as you are playing at a casino with a good reputation.

The percentage of return and volatility of the game

The random number generator (RNG) is only one part of slot machines. There are two other things you should know: RTP and volatility. These factors have a significant impact on the payout structure of a slot. The RTP is the payout percentage in the game, which the developer sets. Most online popular slots games in India have a payout percentage of around 95%, but it varies from game to play.

More and more slot developers have been releasing games with a variable RTP in recent years, allowing casinos to choose their payout percentage. It means you can play a slot with an RTP of 96% on one site, but the same game may only have an RTP of 92% on another site. So, if possible, always check the payout percentage, so you don’t get stuck playing popular slots games in India with a very low RTP.

The second element is volatility, also called variance. The more volatile the game, the more winnings you can get, but you will also win less often. In games like Dead or Alive 2, the maximum win exceeds 100,000 times your bet, but it takes a million spins on average to reach it. On the other side of the scale are games that offer smaller payouts but payout more often.

Thanks to regulation, you can rest assured that online popular slots games in India are not rigged and are based on random number generation. However, RTP and volatility play an important role and can significantly affect your short and long-term results.

Jackpot only at the highest stakes

At least this point is partly true, but that is only because there are players who read the rules and regulations of the game. For example, some jackpot slots stipulate that the odds of winning the most significant prize increase with the bet, so: the player with the highest bet has the best chance of winning the jackpot. However, this is not the rule for all machines, so familiarize yourself with how to play a slot machine to win before adopting this strategy.

RTP, or the rate of return on your bet.

Slot machines are set up so that the ratio of deposits to withdrawals stays the same. It applies to both in-house slots and online slots. However, most manufacturers do not hide how much the RTP is (Return To Player). In good machines, this figure will be in the range (rounding up) 96-98%, which means that the machine should earn (eventually) only 4-2% of what players bet on it.

Observing the Machine

Most often, the basis for success is observing the machine and the previous player’s play. Nor should you proceed to a machine that has just paid out a significant win or several small ones in a stream of successful draws.

No one has yet been able to provide convincing evidence of this. Slot machines operate according to an algorithm that instructs them to pay out a certain percentage of the amount received randomly. This threshold will be different for each slot, payouts occur with different frequencies, and it is impossible to determine by simple observation when the moment of the generosity of the machine arrives. The conditions of large payouts (and payouts in general) are so complicated and confusing that you will have to watch them for at least a year – without a break. Spins do not depend on each other, and each slot machine is programmed for complete randomness – all results (location of symbols) are equally random.

Manipulating the bets

Another “proven” way to win on slot machines is to manipulate the bet. For example, if the slot does not pay out for about 5-6 spins in a row, you should reduce or increase the bet so that the machine switches to another algorithm and rewards the player. It is believed that the higher the bet, the greater the probability of winning.

It can be compared to the horoscope effect, in which people think these descriptions are very accurate and personal, while they are pretty general. For example, for some readers of a horoscope, the prediction will come true, but for others, it will not. It will be the same here: Some players will notice mainly those moments when the machine started paying out after the bet was changed, so they will consider the method correct, while others – especially those who have been in the business for a long time – will not.

Slots in Indian online casinos: how do they work

Manipulating bets and lines

You can increase your chances of winning and therefore winning by manipulating bets and lines when playing slots. The trick is to play the same slot machine repeatedly over several days, changing the bets. You start small, and if nothing comes up after 5-6 spins, you increase the bet a little and add another winning line. The longer you play this way (hours, days), the more chances you have to win and the bigger the winnings you get.

In the end, this is nothing more than a progressive method of returning to defeat that only works in theory.

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