Singapore Casino – Various Iterations of Online Games Being Offered in Singapore

Online casino in Singapore has been on the rise in recent years due to the high demand for online slots in the region. Due to the strict statutes that are related to gambling, Singaporean bettors are craving more casino games in the city-state.

The Asian betting market is saturated with online casino Singapore games, but most people are not familiar with the games they are getting into. In this short guide, we will provide you with short pieces of information about the popular casino game Singapore.


Slots is a machine game in the casino that offers a huge possibility of receiving a profitable payout. Most slot games are operating using random-number generators, a tool that determines the outcome of the game. 

This type of the game is made up of reels that will spin when triggered with a push of a button. Landing a certain combination of symbols will trigger the winning result that in turn will provide huge winnings.

Slots are the most bankable casino game, and typically offer huge payouts that can rival the jackpots of lotteries.


Roulette is also a wheel-based casino game just like slots but it is being played on a table instead. Instead of reels, a large wheel with 37 slots will spin and a small ball will land on a particular slot when the spinning stops. The number where the ball lands are the winning bet.

The roulette table is also offering various types of bets with each one having its level of payout. Inner bets usually offer huge returns but are harder to get, and outside bets are usually safe but offer low returns.

There are two iterations of roulette games—European and American. European roulette usually has a single zero but American roulette has two. What this means is that you have to avoid American roulette at all costs because they’re offering low odds of winning.


Baccarat is a casino card-playing game that has its origins in Europe but ended up getting more popular in Asia than in Western countries. Baccarat offers three outcomes—Banker, Player, and Draw.

Unlike its card casino game counterparts, baccarat has a pretty straightforward gameplay. While it doesn’t offer a variety of bet types, baccarat offers huge payouts.

Video Poker

Video poker is a machine game that is a hybrid of table poker and slot machines. While table poker requires a certain skill set for players to win a significant payout, video slot players usually rely heavily on luck for them to win.

Next to blackjack, video poker also has the second lowest house edge in the list of betting games in the casino. What this means is that you will have more chances of winning in video poker than in the actual poker game.

Sic Bo

Sic bo is a table game that has its roots in Ancient China and it is still popular in Asian-based casinos. Sic bo is a casino game that uses dice just like its Western counterpart—craps. Unlike craps, sic bo is a betting game that offers a variety of bets like roulette.

Throughout the years, sic bo has grown into a gambling game that is not exclusive to Asia anymore. It is now available to betting sites outside Asia and it is being offered along with lucrative promotions.

Many games are being offered in the casino, and each one of them has unique characteristics. Sometimes, it is extremely difficult to find a game in the casino that is perfect for your taste. The key is to get familiar with all of them and find commonalities between the game that you wish to play and your specific preferences.

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