Simple Hacks You Can Do to Make a Smartwatch More Functional

Owning a smartwatch is one of the best ways you can take charge of your fitness journey. You can also use it to make and receive phone calls and even text messages when the need arises. A smartwatch is one of the types of wearable technology that have slowly revolutionized the way of life.

Think of the traditional form of watches. It could only tell time and nothing more. However, apart from using a smartwatch to tell time, you can also use it in GPS location tracking and other uses as explained above. Nevertheless, to achieve your smartwatch functionality, you need to set it up and tweak its settings to have a seamless experience, as described below.

Choose the Right One

A smartwatch has numerous functions that you can enjoy from time to time. Therefore, always consider the features of the smartwatch in question. For instance, ensure that the watch can work with your mobile device. Typically, an Apple smartwatch works best with an Apple device.

Additionally, to derive the best of the watch functions, it should have the specific features you are looking to have. Choosing one, as explained from FindYourSmartWatch.com the blog, requires careful consideration of the smartwatch features. Think of a possible scenario where you are a fitness lover who appreciates the thrill of running and outdoor hiking. You will work best with a smartwatch that focuses more on activity tracking, especially during workouts, and your routine’s distance and navigational aspects.

Ideally, it translates to monitoring your body function effectively during the exercise, like your heartbeat and even blood pressure during the workout routine. Additionally, it also gives you an accurate relay of distances which you have covered and how much you need to go before coming to a halt.

Make Sure to Charge it.

The modern smartwatch is a boost from the traditional form in several aspects, including the charging option. You previously didn’t have to charge the old watches as they had no rechargeable batteries. On the other hand, you need to charge up your smartwatch’s battery to allow it to function effectively.

What does this mean for you? If you don’t charge the smartwatch, you can’t use it. When you connect the watch to a charging port, you will see the battery filling up on display. You can use your USB charger cable, an adapter plug, and connect it directly to your computer.

Have Your Account

When you get a smartwatch, it is advisable to link your phone through a mobile app to your smartwatch. By doing so, you can conveniently access several features like location, biometrics, ability to communicate, and even monitor and track different aspects. When you have an account, you can conveniently track your history even when you change devices.

It means that even if you lose your smartwatch or mobile phone, you still have access to your data as long as you have an account and you have been continually syncing the information.

Is it Paired?

Remember, a smartwatch works better by transmitting data between the watch to the mobile phone and vice versa. Ideally, pairing the two devices create a virtual bridge where information can pass conveniently at any time. Therefore, if you fail to link the two devices, you will not view your stats on your smartphone through the mobile app.

The pairing process can be through Bluetooth, which is accessible on both devices. Furthermore, remember that even if both devices are properly functioning, you cannot conveniently access the same information through both of them at the same time if the interlinking is not done.

Remember to Download the App

For better functioning, it is advisable first to download the smartwatch app on your smartphone. Every information display on your watch has a convenient mirroring on the app. Consequently, you can monitor the location, activity, and even the proper monitoring of your routine by the smartwatch to the app.

The Right Data Input

Simple Hacks You Can Do to Make a Smartwatch More Functional

If your smartwatch relies on biometric data capture and transmission, it is advisable to ensure that you fill in the correct details to avoid any discrepancies from showing up. To make work more manageable, you can also use artificial intelligence on voice applications like telling Google Assistant what you need with a voice command.

Another attractive feature of a smartwatch is the ability to set up a quick settings toolbar where you can conveniently access your quick settings on your smartwatch. Thanks to technological advancement, telling time got a new meaning. Not to mention the convenience of altering the sound notifications if you do not need disturbances.

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