Why You Should Upgrade Your Kitchen Appliances in 2020?

A new decade is here, and 2020 is the beginning of the Artificial Intelligence-based future. With the advancement in technology and the shift towards smart devices, traditional home appliances have become outdated. Now there are different kinds of appliances available in the market, which will make your home smart. From voice command feature to Bluetooth enabled home appliances, there are many surprises in store for you this New Year. That is why this is the correct time to get rid of your old, traditional home appliances, and step into the future by buying the latest smart home appliances.

Generally, when people decide to upgrade their home appliances, the first sets of devices that they enhance are the kitchen appliances. Having high-quality kitchen appliances is very important for a family because the kitchen is where all the food is made. With being an essential source of food, it is also a place for comfort, family, and togetherness for several individuals.

Many people love to cook their meals in the kitchen and spend time preparing food with their families. It is also one of the first places a person goes in the morning to get coffee or tea, and one of the last places before going to bed. Hence, it is essential to have a bright kitchen that is easy to use and beautiful to look.

If you want to turn your kitchen into a smart kitchen, then it is essential to figure out what a kitchen means to you and upgrade your kitchen appliances. The latest kitchen appliances available in the market are technologically more advanced, and also offer alternatives to some traditional cooking techniques, which will help you in following a more healthier and productive lifestyle.

Some other benefits of upgrading your kitchen appliances in 2020 are that you will have more cooking flexibility, better features, classy designs, fantastic efficiency, and larger capacities. Also, if you are into technology, many latest kitchen appliances have excellent new Bluetooth features. Therefore, there are many reasons why you need new kitchen appliances in 2020.

Some reasons why you should upgrade your kitchen appliances in 2020?

Making your kitchen smarter and more functional should be your priority this new year. There are many new things that the future holds for you. Let us look at some reasons why you should upgrade your kitchen appliances in 2020:

More energy efficient Kitchen appliances

Generally, most of the kitchen appliances that are older than five years use more energy and add more cost to your electricity bills, especially refrigerators. But now, because of the new technology, kitchen appliances have become highly energy efficient and save the right amount of money on your electricity bills. So if your kitchen appliances are more than four or five years old, then 2020 is the perfect time for you to upgrade them.

Bluetooth enabled kitchen appliances

This new trend of Bluetooth enabled devices has revolutionized the way you use kitchen appliances. The power to sync your wireless Bluetooth appliances is the latest way to change the functioning of your kitchen. Now you do not have to worry about old oven timers and long waiting times.

You can use advanced Bluetooth enabled kitchen appliances to sync with other connected appliances. You can sync the timers of your microwave and oven. Also, the new devices will automatically turn the light on and off according to their usage and perform other similar functions.

The Wi-Fi connection feature

2020 is transforming the kitchen appliances, making it more comfortable and enjoyable to use your kitchen. The Wi-Fi-enabled devices connected without wires are revolutionizing the way you communicate with your kitchen. Most of the latest kitchen appliances manufactured with this built-in feature, which means you can control all of them with your smartphones with just a click.

You do not have to worry about anything while cooking, and with the comfort of your smartphones, you can operate them from anywhere in the house. You can control the lighting of the kitchen, the temperature of your refrigerator and ovens, timers of your ovens, stoves, and microwaves, and much more. This new trend in technology is the best way to welcome the new decade.

Introduction to LCD screens and finger touch feature to get rid of knobs

With the technological revolution in 2020, many kitchen appliances such as ovens, microwaves, and refrigerators are coming with an LCD screen fitted into them. It means you can operate all these kitchen appliances with a touch. Just like your smartphone screens, you can manage the appliances with your finger’s touch and swipe controls. Now you can stop worrying about buttons and knobs, and operate your kitchen appliances more quickly and efficiently.

Another trend that is becoming popular in 2020 is the use of finger touch to replace traditional knobs of the stoves. This new technology does not use field heat like the old one but works through electromagnetic heat. It lets you turn on the oven and control its temperature with a finger touch and a swipe.

Some kinds of indicators will be present on the stove, which will allow you to make the intensity of the flame go either, high or low. It is an excellent solution for controlling your fire and letting the stove run smoothly. It also helps in keeping the furnace clean and more hygienic. This modern and high tech way to replace knobs gives you a glimpse of what the future will be.

The new refrigerators with the latest technology

The most significant change in 2020 is the way traditional refrigerators function and look. In recent times, there are many upgrades available for your fridge that will make them more versatile and more functional. It will change the style and utility of your whole kitchen. The latest refrigerators come with multiple food zones that store different types of food.

Some compartments will be flexible, and others will be specific to a particular food. Also, in 2020, refrigerators with a black matte finish are trending and becoming famous. The way technology is advancing, and it won’t be long that the refrigerator handle will be a thing in the past. Soon the refrigerators will be automated and have an auto assist feature that will streamline your kitchen and cooking process.

Steam ovens

One of the fastest-growing trends in kitchen appliances is buying a steam oven, something that is up and coming. Steam is a gas phase that is formed by evaporation of water. It is an excellent way of cooking food and has been in use for a long time.

That is why incorporating steam technology in ovens was a brilliant idea. Steam ovens are generally considered as a healthier method of cooking than traditional ones, which gives you amazingly clean results. Also, if you don’t want to give up hot food for health reasons, then convection steam oven is a great option. So 2020 is the best time to upgrade your oven and switch to healthier cooking methods.

Quieter dishwashers

If you are using an old dishwasher that makes a lot of noise, then 2020 is the time to upgrade it. The latest dishwashers make very little noise and are quieter than most traditional dishwashers. Some newer dishwashers come with a decibel rating of 38, which means it is more modest than typical whispers.

The new trend in colour and materials of kitchen appliances

In 2020, many new colours and materials of the kitchen appliances are trending. Granite and marble look of the kitchen is outdated now, and smart, and handleless appliances with new colour schemes have become the in-thing. White is one of the top trending colours for kitchen appliances in 2020, and white ice appliances are becoming very popular. It makes the kitchen look cleaner, elegant, and classy. So it is time to follow the trend and upgrade your kitchen appliances. 

Now you can see why it is essential to upgrade your kitchen appliances in 2020 and change the way your kitchen functions. With all the new features and trends, the connection between you and your kitchen will become even stronger. These latest appliances will not only add ease to your cooking experience but also make it more efficient. So if you are into technology, it is time to bid farewell to your outdated kitchen appliances.

But finding the best and the latest kitchen appliances for your kitchen can be a challenging task. You will have to do thorough research and spend a lot of time in finding the best ones for yourself. In your quest for finding the best kitchen appliances with their real-life reviews, you can lend a helping hand from the experts. which will give you reviews from experts on all the kitchen appliances available in the market, and recommend the best ones according to your requirements and budget.

So even if you have already broken some of your new year’s resolutions, upgrading your kitchen appliances will make you happier and more efficient.

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