Shopify Plus: The Ultimate E-Commerce Solution for Growing Businesses

As businesses scale and expand, their needs evolve, and managing an online store can become increasingly complex. This is where Shopify Plus comes into play, offering a comprehensive platform tailored for enterprise-level businesses. In this article, we will explore the main benefits of Shopify Plus and highlight the importance of partnering with a trusted Shopify Plus development company like DigitalSuits to ensure your online store’s success.

1. Advanced Features for Enhanced User Experience

Shopify Plus provides users with an array of advanced features that boost user experience and increase conversion rates.

a) Augmented Reality, Video, and 3D on Product Pages

By incorporating augmented reality (AR), video, and 3D elements on product pages, merchants can create a memorable and engaging online shopping experience. These interactive features can improve conversion rates by up to 30%.

b) Unlimited Sandbox and Development Environments

Shopify Plus allows merchants to build and test their storefronts in sandbox and development environments before implementing any live changes. This helps ensure a smooth and seamless transition when updating your online store.

c) Real-Time Metrics Tracking

With Shopify Plus, you can track selected metrics in real-time, allowing you to monitor the impact of changes on your key performance indicators (KPIs). This insightful data can help guide your decision-making process and optimize your online store for success.

2. International Expansion Made Easy

Shopify Plus makes selling internationally a breeze, offering multiple expansion stores for different regions.

a) Global Solution for 175+ Countries

With over 300 million customers across 1 million online stores in 175 countries, Shopify Plus is a truly global solution. Merchants can cater to a diverse audience by offering personalized geographical experiences, multiple languages, and automatic price consistency across 133 currencies.

b) Built-In Analytics and Insights

Shopify Plus provides merchants with valuable analytics and insights to help them make informed decisions about when and where to expand next. This data-driven approach simplifies the process of tapping into international markets.

3. Streamlined Store Management

Shopify Plus eliminates the need for costly workarounds or additional admin staff by offering powerful built-in tools for store management.

a) Shopify Organization Admin Tools and Dashboard

The Shopify organization admin tools and dashboard enable merchants to manage multiple stores simultaneously at an organizational level. This includes detailed analytics overviews, company management, and user management features.

b) Enhanced Access to Code

Shopify Plus developers have access to extra API calls and developer tools that can enhance features without disrupting existing solutions. This allows for more customization and flexibility when making improvements to your online store.

4. Advanced Scripts for Store Optimization

Shopify Plus allows merchants to utilize advanced scripts to optimize various aspects of their online store.

a) Custom Checkout Experience

With advanced scripts, merchants can customize the checkout process, offering unique discounts, shipping rates, and product recommendations. This tailored approach can significantly improve the overall shopping experience for customers.

b) Shopify Scripts

Shopify Plus features Shopify Scripts, which allow merchants to run code on Shopify’s servers. This enables the implementation of functionality not available with a standard Shopify store, further enhancing the user experience.

5. Exclusive Apps for Business Growth

Shopify Plus offers access to advanced apps designed to help businesses grow and better meet customer needs.

a) Shopify Flow

Shopify Flow is an automation tool that streamlines repetitive tasks and frees up resources for more productive endeavors. Since its launch in September 2017, it has automated over 400 million tasks, saving an estimated 3.2 million hours of time.

b) Omnichannel Integration

Shopify Plus keeps up with evolving commerce trends by allowing merchants to sell through 100+ social media channels, 80+ online marketplaces, mobile interfaces, and blogs. This extensive range of sales channels, including Amazon, eBay, Facebook, Instagram, and more, ensures merchants can reach a wider audience and maximize their online presence.

6. B2B and In-Person Sales Support

Shopify Plus offers solutions for both B2B and in-person sales, providing merchants with the ultimate flexibility.

a) B2B Wholesale Directly to Customers

Merchants can sell wholesale directly to customers through an intuitive self-service online experience, without any coding or development required.

b) Shopify POS System for In-Person Sales

The Shopify POS system enables merchants to engage with customers and make sales in-person via pop-up stores, offering a seamless multichannel checkout experience.

7. Shopify Plus Merchant Success Program

Shopify Plus offers a comprehensive Merchant Success Program, providing round-the-clock support and access to a dedicated Shopify Launch Engineer.

a) 24/7 Support

The Shopify Plus Merchant Success Team is available 24/7, ensuring merchants can access assistance whenever they need it.

b) Shopify Launch Engineer

Shopify Launch Engineers provide personalized support for technological needs and can advise store owners on migrating from another e-commerce platform.

8. Expertise from Shopify Plus Agency Partners

Partnering with a Shopify Plus agency, such as DigitalSuits, can elevate your online store to new heights through expert guidance, advanced coding, bespoke themes, and more.

a) Shopify Plus Design and Development

Shopify Plus agency partners have the expertise to design, develop, and optimize your storefront, ensuring a visually appealing and user-friendly experience for your customers.

b) Advanced Coding and Customization

Shopify Plus developers can implement advanced coding and customization to enhance your store’s functionality and performance, setting you apart from the competition.

9. Cost of Shopify Plus

While the cost of Shopify Plus may be higher than that of a standard Shopify plan, the benefits and scalability it offers make it a worthwhile investment for growing businesses. To determine the exact cost of Shopify Plus for your business, it’s crucial to consult with a trusted Shopify Plus agency partner, such as DigitalSuits.

10. Shopify Plus Reviews and Success Stories

Shopify Plus has garnered numerous positive reviews from satisfied merchants and has been instrumental in the success of businesses across various industries. By exploring these success stories, you can gain valuable insights into how Shopify Plus can revolutionize your online store and drive growth. In conclusion, Shopify Plus offers a robust and scalable platform for enterprise-level businesses, providing an array of advanced features, tools, and support. By partnering with a trusted Shopify Plus agency like DigitalSuits, you can optimize your online store for success and capitalize on the many benefits of Shopify Plus.

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