Safe And Reliable Ways To Convert PDF Files

When you are a rank and file employee in any industry, you will be asked to convert PDF files every now and then. This is unavoidable, and you should at least have a basic understanding of how this works. If not, then you should know ways on how to approach it. PDF edits may not be mainstays in your daily job responsibilities, but it will crop up soon enough that you should be ready to tackle it head first.

There are many ways you can convert a PDF or edit PDF with ease. But what most people miss is that the process of conversion may expose the files in question to possible corruption or untoward exposure. Sure, you can just open any PDF converter anywhere, but that doesn’t mean that your conversion will be safe and secure. In this article, we listed down ways on how to do PDF file conversion the safe and reliable way:

Use browser-based web PDF applications like PDFBear

We are now at a point in time where almost anything can be done over the Internet, and PDF editing and conversion is one of them. With more people having to work from home, browser-based PDF editors have seen a surge in usage. And rightly so because these applications are put there to make everything easier. If you are converting PDF on browser-based PDF applications like PDFBear’s suite of web tools, you are sure that any file you upload through its many converters is secure and private.

What sets apart PDFBear’s PDF conversion tools is that it’s not a universal tool for just any PDF conversion. No, every type of conversion has a dedicated web application for it. So whether you want to convert PDF to Word, or JPG to PDF, you have to go through it on a separate and individual web application. And each application is SSL encrypted. That means files are encrypted. Plus, the site has a policy of deleting uploaded files after 1 hour of upload time.

Process of using browser-based web applications

  1. In your trusted browser, open the PDFBear site. Choose the conversion you want to do. MS Office file formats to PDF should be in one row of the site, and conversions the other way around is beside it. For best and secure results, use Chrome in accessing the site.
  2. Once you’ve chosen the application, start to upload the file you want to convert. Click on the “Select Files” or drag and drop the file from anywhere on your desktop.
  3. Choose the type of conversion process you want to start. For PDF to Word option, the OCR alternative will turn the text from the PDF editable when it’s converted to Word, while the regular one will paste an image version of the file into a Word document.
  4. Wait for the process to finish. The process should not take more than five minutes if you have a short file. Download the resulting file for checking.

Through third-party, dedicated PDF readers and editors

The standard way to convert PDFs is through dedicated PDF readers and editors. These are standalone applications that are feature-rich and powerful enough to work as an editor and reader and can moonlight as converters. The ones pre-installed in your computer might be powerful enough to do it, but in the rare case that it doesn’t, you can easily download the best ones throughout the Internet.

Word of caution, though – with these standalone, third-party software, you might pay for the app, or be asked to subscribe to an annual fee. There’s also the matter of it needing minimum system requirements. When choosing the right PDF viewer and editor, the best options are always the ones that can do everything – viewing, editing, converting, and protecting. There is a good chance that you’ll need to pay for this service, but trust us when we say that you’ll have better conversion in the long-run.


Gone are the days when you worry about data exposure when dealing with files online. With new secure technologies, more and more people are now enjoying the convenience of having a reliable converter anywhere they are in the world. So heed the advice above to ensure that the files you are converting will turn out looking pristine and brand new!

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