Role of Random Number Generator in Slot Machines?

Slot machines are no longer mechanically operated, they now run on computers and lines of code. To ensure that these slots are fair, the random number generator is implemented into their hardware. Read on to learn more and also check the best website reviews from UK players themselves.

What is the Random Number Generator?

The random number generator is often abbreviated to RNG and it is an important term which refers to the piece of coding in a slot game which ensures that the outcome of every spin is completely random. Without the random number generator, slot games would be unfair as they wouldn’t be able to guarantee a random outcome for players. The RNG is used in all slot games, both on and offline. It guarantees a random outcome for players by essentially working out complex mathematical equations and coming up with the most random result. These equations are worked out the moment the player presses the spin button, the reels spinning solely for dramatic effect because these equations are completed in a matter of moments by the RNG.

Can it be Beaten?

 The random number generator is found in every modern iteration of a slot machine. It seeks to make outcomes as random as possible yet some players wonder whether it can be beaten.

  • The only way that a player can beat the RNG is through luck, managing to get a successful outcome of a spin. There are several strategies that players use to try and beat the RNG but they are not effective for a variety of reasons.
  • The RNG doesn’t remember the outcome of a previous spin, this means that there is no pattern for the player to memorise to try and cheat the system by predicting what the next spin will be.
  • Hacking into the RNG through advanced programming is also ineffective due to the state of the art security that various online and real life casino’s use. It is also illegal and will result in players getting banned and even possibly facing prison time!
  • Due to the short memory of the RNG, it won’t be affected by how long a player spends on a machine either. This renders the popular strategy of leaving a machine when it gets cold pointless.


The random number generator is not the only thing that helps players to determine when a slot is going to payout. There is also the return to player percentage.

  1. This percentage is an amount which shows players how much return they can expect to see over a period of time. Every slot game will have an RTP, it can commonly be found in the paytable.
  2. The RTP generally sits around 95% but this can vary depending on what slot you are using, there are some slots which offer an RTP as high as 99%! It is always worth checking out a slots RTP before deciding on a game to use.

Final Thoughts

The RNG ensures that every spin is completely random, helping make the game fair for both player and casino.

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