Role of Age Verification at the Slots Sites

We can all remember our teenage years of hopping down the pub after school, the landlord asking what your age is and you clearly lying about being 18, having a couple of pints, and then going home to buy a packet of smokes on the way.

This generation now either need to have legitimate identification to prove they are of age, manufacture an intricate identity card that lies in such a way that robots can’t tell, or magically time travel to the future to when they are older all to be able to access things that you can only do when you are of the correct age.

Online casinos are no different, and this is not a bad thing, because you need to have your age verified to be able to access mobile deposit casino slots sites.

Why do you have to Verify your Age on a Slot Site?

Where the days of no age verification seem so long ago, it is very much a reality for the youths these days.. and you would have experienced it too when signing up to an online slot site.

If you are a little annoyed or confused as to why this happens then do not worry because we will guide you through why this must be done:

  • Age verification is in place so those nasty rapscallions are not trying their hand at the online slots before they are legally allowed. The UK permits this age to be 18, meaning that anyone under 18 is deemed not responsible enough to manage to bet online.
  • Though 18 is a blanket number, it is difficult to individually assess each person’s mental age before 18, meaning that the legislation assumes you have the right to win big after that legal age.
  • There are many other reasons they do this, however. One of the main reasons is for security: not only are you handing in age verification, but you are also displaying your identity so that the casino site knows that you are playing and not somebody else using your credentials.
  • If the casino sites let anyone log in then there would be irresponsible gamers that put too much money in the sites’ pockets, and they could be frauds who are obtaining someone else’s details to win cash for themselves!

How Does Age Verification Work?

Although the reasons that legislation asks for verification may seem dubious to you, they are ultimately protecting venerable players, preventing the casino sites from taking too much and securing the details of real players.

Here is how the obtain and confirm your age verification:

  1. When signing up to a casino site you will be asked for your details and sometimes for your proof of ID or address.
  2. Not all players get this as it can be done on random spot checks.
  3. The user must take a photograph, or scan in, their desired identification.
  4. This gets sent to the casino sites’ headquarters and it is either checked manually or by a robot. 5.       If you are approved, then you are all clear to start winning!

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