6 Reasons Why You Need Advanced Electric Switch Boards & Panels

Electricity has had a life-changing effect on the way we live at home. Everyone in the world relies on electricity in some way to power and operate equipment and appliances such as computers, televisions, lamps, fans, microwaves, refrigerators, and many other items.

Without equipment such as electric switch boards and panels, our ability to operate specific devices and resources would be unlikely. Electric power can lead to many damaged home appliances and other disasters without a way to distribute and monitor them adequately.

Here are some top reasons to why you need advanced electric switch board & panels:

1. Lighting and Control

Electrical switches and electrical switch boards are hand-powered electro-mechanical instruments. Some standard requirements are actuator type switches and the functions of the combination unit. These are prevalent for lighting and fan control in both commercial and residential buildings.

2. Outlet Control

An electric switch board helps us to make responsible and effective use of electrical power. We use plug-in outlets and many household appliances.

For several households, electrical switch boards and panels are also placed near these outlets, enabling the control of these outlets by homeowners and those residing inside a house. Electric switch boards allow us to turn the outlets on when we want to use them and turn them off when they are not necessary.

3. Recurrent Circuit Breaker Trips

Electric switch boards and panels transmit current and electricity to the areas of a home where they are supposed to go. If an electric switch board or panel gets damaged or gets worn due to time and usage, it may eventually become too responsive for optimal functioning. A responsive electric switch board or panel is responsible for power surges and overloads.

In situations where only defective equipment is to blame, these electrical issues might cause circuit breakers to move more frequently than they would in. If the general power consumption levels of a home are the same on average, but circuit breaker resets are performed several times a week, then the current electric switch board and panel is likely to have to be repaired or replaced.

4. Circuit Breakers Fail to Trip

When the electric switch board or panel of a home is overwhelmed with appliances and other devices, circuit breakers are built to fly to avoid overloads and equipment being harmed. It is a natural part of the protection and maintenance of electrical circuits and equipment. If there is a problem with the electric switch board or panel of the house, it can prevent circuit breakers from tripping into situations.

You should call Denver electricians if there is a sign that the electrical switch board or panel prevents the circuit breakers of a home from functioning as they should. An electrician may inspect and repair the electrical panel before causing further harm to the electrical system, or even a fire.

5. Circuit Breakers Remain Tripped

If the circuit of a home is overloaded, and a circuit breaker trips, the homeowner is required to reset the breaker only. If the circuit breaker continues to move after resetting it, then there is a problem.

It is a significant concern since power will not flow through a tripped circuit breaker, and it will stay at the circuit breaker until the cause of the breaker trip is found and corrected. The electric switchboard or panel may be tested by a licensed electrician to decide if the electric switch board or panel needs to be serviced or replaced with a newer, better-working panel.

6. New Electrical Panel for Home Renovations

When we plan to renovate our houses, replacing the electric switch boards and panels may be the right decision. In this situation, there may be one of several reasons for getting a newer electric switch board and panel. One reason could be to install modern, large appliances such as washer and dryer machines that had not been in the home before.

Finally, if there is an addition of one or more rooms that will have their electrical outlets, new electric switch board and panel could be required even if we want to add only one more electrical outlet to one of the existing rooms in the house.

If you have trouble deciding which electric switch boards and panels would befit your home, consult with a licensed electrical professional to get their recommendation. Your home deserves the best!

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